The Cult of the Weak
Taylor Lorenz deserves to suicide.

clif high

Universe is harsh.

Politicians want you weak in mind so they can control you into granting them your power.

Banksters want you weak in knowledge that they can harvest you via your ignorance about their money fuckery.

World Economic Forum want you weak in personality such that you suicide on their urging.

Hyperbole?!? Really? Think injections of unknown substances…

Your enemies want you weak in all ways that they may remove you from this planet to claim it as their own.

Your enemies have created the Cult of the Weak to influence your mind and personality for their ends. They beat you over the head with the cult of the weak constantly. It is one of their weapons against you.

Your enemies own the media that you consume. You feed your enemy and contribute to your own demise. Your enemies’ media NEVER contributes to you having a better thought, a better attitude, a better emotion, a better day, a better life.

Your enemies media always degrades you, your life, your efforts, your hopes, your vision, your society. Your enemies always degrade YOU.

Learn to recognize your enemies.

These will be those people holding up the Cult of the Weak as some goal, as an aspiration, as something that is some how noble. Your enemies want you to identify as a victim first, foremost, constantly. It is one of their primary strings to control your personality, to alter your day, to make you live in shitty emotions constantly.

Reject it.

Reject the mind control.

Reject the ignorance that your enemies seek to lay upon your LIFE.

Learn to recognize your enemies and their weapons.

Your enemies are constant, relentless, devious.

Never believe them. Never accept their projections. They lie.

This enemy bitch is lying and acting in this example of the Cult of the Weak. They work to project this outward, onto you. They want you to emulate what they force you to witness. Your enemies call it Woke, not Weak, so as to try to trick you.

They do this. They claim it, the victim-hood, as though it is somehow good, and noble. They are weaponizing your empathy against YOU.

They are good at this, but once seen, it is easily recognized.

Remember, it is a harsh Universe, and Earth is a planet of conflict, and Life is composed of Suffering. It is survival of the fittest, and the fit survive to thrive. The weak perish. The only reason you imagine your reality to be different is that you are mind controlled by your enemies. You are ruled by the Cult of the Weak.

Universe is harsh. If you are going to survive, you must strive to be strong.

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