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Consider that everything in the Matterium, this place where Matter exists, and you can sit your ass on it, is vibrating.
These vibrations are at tremendous speeds. Mostly this is not disputed much in modern times, well, at least since N. Tesla did his work. “Everything is frequency.” The famous quote is accurate. More so than your mind can allow.
Everything is vibrating. This includes you. Consider the ‘YOU’ that your body feels, as “you” every morning when you first regain awareness from sleep. That “you” that reconnects with your body, and to which your body responds, that “you” that perceives the state of the body, that “you” also is vibrating.
That “you” that is vibrating, that has no substance, yet still vibrates ‘something’ ‘some where’ so as to ‘feel’ itself in your body, was born of a woman who also had a physical body that was vibrating down to every cell, every ‘atom’, and who, just like “you”, had a vibrating consciousness/energy that is measurable, but not quantifiable. That is existent, provable, durable, and palpable, and yet, in spite of being in the Matterium, is not, seemingly, composed of Matter.
Oh, and yes, it is known you were birthed by a woman. Gender queer shit is dying. It will die with the Khazarian Mafia as they paid to create and exploit it. Without their constant money flow, the whole of the gender queer shit ideology perishes. Perhaps in 2022, but certainly in 2023.
But back to your mother, and your birth. Both of which are in the Matterium, but seemingly not all involving Matter.
Your body is a vibrating being that emerged by birth from a vibrating being in this Material Wold. Your body, and even personality, may share characteristics that others may see in your mother, but, clearly, the “you” that is “you” is not a part of your mother’s consciousness simply separated from her body and in control of your body.
Your consciousness is a vibration that is different from your body’s vibration. This is proven every time anyone gets knocked out. The body goes quiescent when you are unconscious, but it does not cease to work, does not cease breathing, or having brain activity.
That your consciousness has a vibration that is different from your body is what allows anesthesia to work. It’s what allows pain meds to work within the body, as the body is vibrating all different kinds of frequencies in many different places at any given time and these vibrations are constantly changing over time.
Your vibrating body emerged from a vibrating woman as a result of birth. Pregnancy is an episodic event. It has a beginning and an end. During pregnancy, the mother’s vibrations are changing more rapidly and in wider swings than at any other time in her life. During pregnancy, the mother’s electromagnetic field energy can triple. And be sustained at these high levels. Mostly, modern medicine ignores such field information as being unimportant as only Matter matters to them.
What happens in pregnancy is that the ‘soul’ that is there to prepare the body for your later arrival, we’ll get to that, enters your mother’s body through her breath. In order for the soul to so enter, the material conditions of mated gametes must exist in her body. If her body condition is acceptable, your soul enters her body through her breath.
Many mothers will understand this. They will remember that one, shocking, stamped into their memory forever, inhalation. This breath varies in how it is described by women who do remember it, but they all recall, whether it was sudden, or slow, it’s dominating characteristic is felt as a connection to Time Itself.
Your soul is also vibrating. That is one of its distinguishing aspects. It has a specific, complex, dense, vibratory frequencies collection, that Nature uses to prepare YOUR body for YOUR arrival later. So, unless you believe that Nature can fuck up, Trans is not a real thing. ONLY your body will accept you. It was made for you by your soul. Nature did NOT fuck up & make you the wrong body. What happened was the Khazarian Mafia wants to destroy specific races, and targets their breeding patterns through alterations in sexual identity and culture. This pattern has been used by the Khazarian Mafia for over 1000 years. They used it to bring down the Byzantine Empire. They used it on Germany & it led to World War 2. It goes on and on.
Your soul’s vibration is denser than “you”. This difference in frequencies, both the ranges, and the complexity of the arrays of frequencies relates to the function of the soul. The soul is here, ahead of you, to prepare your body for your arrival. The soul is here while you live, to function as a conduit to record your experiences, and feelings, and impressions, for later retrieval in your metempsychosis, the time between lives.
The soul is also tasked with ‘cleaning up’ as you die. It does many things then to ensure that your vibration, that is the “you” that had been alive, is safely carried back to the other side of the Life-Death barrier.
This is one of the main reasons that the soul has this ‘denser’ layer of vibration, to be able to pass through the barrier with all the memories, and “you” intact for later processing of those memories.
The soul’s vibration is densely packed to take the abuse. It will be used for millions of lives. The same soul, for the same “you”. Simply being used in a different body, in a different collection of temporarily cohesive proteins and fats, in a different time, to acquire different experiences. Souls are tough, and need to be.
Your soul is not conscious of itself, only of it’s tasks.
You, presumably, are conscious of your ‘self’.
This is because your consciousness vibrates at a higher, brighter, lighter, faster, quicker, more engaged level. It must be able to do so in order to be able to perceive Change in Reality at the level at which it occurs within Humanity. That is, Emotions, and Thought.
Think about it. What level of experience of Change, and we live in the Realm of Change, this Matterium, where the only constant is Change, but to return, what level of experience of this Change does the Spirit that animates a Redwood tree enjoy?
Redwood trees are nice. They are big, they breathe out good stuff for our air, they smell good, they feel good to the skin, squirrels like them, but they are not particularly ‘zippy’ guys. They must be experiencing Change at a very slow rate. Their vibration confirms this. Think about it this way, if the trees vibrated faster, would they let us chop them down & make lumber? No, they would react, like animals do, all of which vibrate faster than trees.
Understand that when we say “spirit” we mean, non Material, but cohesive, self organizing, self contained, self sustaining vibration. So you are a Spirit, by that definition, that is inhabiting, confined to, and controls, at least to some degree, and on most days, your body. You, the Spirit, the consciousness, are the motivating element in what would otherwise be merely a puddle of proteins and fats and fluids.
You, the Spirit, ‘live’ in a Matterium that is inhabited by other Spirits. These bastards are all around you. Some are motivating human bodies, some are doggos, and other creatures, and some, well, some we have to seriously question.
But what is not at question is that we, you, live in a spiritual world. The Matter, your body, is basically like theater costumes. You return them when your part in the Play is completed.
As we so live in a spiritual world, that is, surrounded by a humanity that is also spirit motivating flesh, that is, vibrating bastards all over the place, many of them without a fucking clue about anything, let alone the real nature of our vibrating reality here in the Realm of Change, it makes sense that some one would form a Giant, Long-lived Plot to fuck with the sleeping herd of Humanity to their own ends.
So we do find that the Khazarian Mafia is doing exactly that, fucking with the sleeping herd of Humanity trying to cull it, once again.
This really is a spiritual war, in this Spiritual World. But it is not a spiritual war ‘for’ your soul. More it is a spiritual war ‘about’ you having a soul.
Here is the thing. The core understanding of the Khazarian Mafia is centered around this ‘choice’ of basically surrendering a life based on the container of a soul, for a life that includes the ‘assumption’ of this “Other”. So to their own thinking, they are ‘beyond the soul’, and superior to the rest of us guys for that reason. The KM believe that they can have this ‘choice’, though it sounds like not a lot of actual choosing is done, by way of a special bit of protein that is in their DNA. They think.
Anyway, they believe this, that they are ‘special’ by this extra protein.
In examining their beliefs it becomes visible that the protein within their DNA, that is recessive unless inbred into dominance, allows, or facilitates the ‘opening’ of the soul to this Other. It’s all about frequencies.
The level of sophistication that is used, to hide, then disguise, then, when understood, finally reveal, the description of this belief is such that it is not easily discounted as not based in some degree of fact.
So that is a bit scary. If factual, it has huge implications. Many of them about frequencies.
We can get into some of those on another occasion. For now we need recognize that our self organizing vibration experience that we laughingly call ‘life’, is contained within the denser vibration of a ‘housing’ that we call the ‘soul’.
The soul is a form of a vehicle in a sense, a very real sense, but also is a distinct, and deliberately designed, form of a protective vessel for your experience here in this ‘life’ of vibration recording.
You also need to recognize that in this spiritual war, the enemy is trying to harm you by fucking with your understanding of your ‘Soul Tech’, the ‘technology of the soul’, that protects you all your life. Don’t let them get between you and your soul. It will cost you this life.
Universe wanted you protected, here in this Matterium. That is why you have a soul. Don’t be a dickhead and abuse it. Fair warning.

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  1. Don’t let them get between you and your soul. It will cost you this life.
    Universe wanted you protected, here in this Matterium. That is why you have a soul. Don’t be a dickhead and abuse it. Fair warning.

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