“Cold Fusion” was produced and verified working about 10+ years ago. “They” immediately set their shills the task of trying to denounce it with several universities failing to reproduce the experiments – however a couple did.

It has been bubbling along in the background with several stories continuing to try and denounce as fakes, misinterpreted data etc etc but it has refused to go away and several other independent labs been able to repeat the experiments successfully. News has been heavily suppressed… until now. “They” must have found a way to upscale and commercialize it. So its being announced by their shills – paid opposition …. Info Wars – Mike Adams.

Before I exposed Zen Gardner, he told me about Mike Adams and witnessing first hand he shady dealing and meetings with TPTB

I know 100% that Alex Jones is fully compromised and simply playing a role, so putting 2 and 2 together this announcement may well be a release of information “they” no longer need to suppress – for what ever reason.

More than likely they have altered the process enough to be able to patent a process initially release in a scientific paper.


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