C****S Gone Bad!

Modern world, modern problems….

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C****s Gone Bad!

All good things must come to an end.

It’s a sign, a very troubling sign, of very troubling times.

Probably should have seen this peeking its head around that corner, way in the back there, the one where all the language control stuff originates.

You can’t call a man the ‘C’ word any more. Not even to his well deserving “c” face. And that’s a hell of a thing.

No, before you Brits freak out, we are not discussing the word ‘cunt’. Everyone knows that when we, the rest of the world, really want to pull the plug on British Civilization, that’s when we restrict the use of the cunting cunt word. So you’re safe for now. However shaky things may be, and are, looking for the UK, you still have your fucking cunts.

No, this is far more serious.

This is about that other “C” word. The one you can’t mention on the internet anywhere without it being a ticket to DeletesVille for you. The one that has produced all the trouble on the Alt media, and even now, is worming its way into the legacy presses.

The legacy media does not have a clue as to how to proceed. They are drooling to use this to troll the Populace with their ridiculing of our, that is, the regular humans, using the ‘C’ word to describe so many of the personalities that they serve.

By analogy it would be as though there were internet rumors circulating in the info currents about Biden being a secret Nazi, the proof of which is the swastika tattooed on his butt.

In that sort of scenario they would just get some random old white dude butt without such a tat to use as ‘proof’ that we internet nutters needed to be salted, ground to paste, and jarred up.

It’s not that simple for them with the “C” word, especially now that the wokonians have discovered that the regular humans are calling their leadership “C”s.

Now, there are a great many gullible people on this planet, more so for the mother WEFfer’s school system, so when the Wokonians read about the regular people who actually believe that there are “C”s walking among us, are using the “C” word to describe every one from pedophilic world leaders to pedophilic famous actors, and were doing so in language clearly indicating belief that it was factual, well, that’s when the Wokonians decided that they believed it too.

Only, instead of being creeped out like regular people, the Wokonians decided that this is ok. They live in a world with 37 genders, so, what’s really all that unusual about a “C” walking around. Especially if it’s their “C”.

So now it is “verbotten’ by the PC language police to call someone a “C”. You can get canceled. Fuck around and find out. It’s racist. You’ll see.

Just like you can’t say that some is a m****r, you have to say a ‘birthing person’, we now can’t say that Charlie Ward is a c***e, we have to say he is a second generation synthetic being. So now he’s an SGSB replacement for the human who exploded in the Burrito Gas incident.

Sigh. It’s all so complicated. These people take all the fun out of cloning around.


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