International Military Tribunals to be Held in Mariupol, Ukraine!



Holy shit… international military tribunals are going to be held in the coming days in Mariupol, Ukraine.

The Russian Embassy in the US put out a statement at 10:47pm this evening, pertaining to the US State Department’s response to upcoming tribunal in Mariupol.

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See full statement from the Russian Embassy below.

“🇷🇺🇺🇸 Comment by the Russian Embassy in the United States on the State Department’s statement on the upcoming Tribunal in Mariupol:

🔹We have taken note of another groundless accusations against our country related to the Tribunal over Ukrainian war criminals.

🔹The upcoming Trial is aimed at bringing justice to war criminals, among which there are Nazis from the Azov Regiment. Washington is clearly afraid of making public the evidence of the inhumane acts committed by the members of this terrorist organization.

❗️The International Tribunal in Mariupol can shed light on the true essence of the Kiev regime, of which the United States diligently creates a bright and heroic image. American citizens will finally learn that in reality, their government is helping those who purposefully kill and torture the Russian people of Donbass and Ukraine.

🔹Russia fully complies with the Geneva Conventions and guarantees Ukrainian captives proper conditions of detention. The same cannot be said of the Kiev regime, which militants mistreated captured Russian soldiers.

Finally, if the US authorities have questions about what happened in Mariupol, they could discuss it with the administration of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It is an independent state.”


Ahem… excuse me what? The US State Dept are talking about Russian Military tribunals for Nazis?

It was difficult to find but here is the statement from the US State Dept put out today:

“By planning to hold so-called ‘tribunals’ in Russia-controlled Mariupol against Ukraine’s brave defenders, the Kremlin is attempting to deflect responsibility for President Putin’s war of aggression and distract from overwhelming evidence of the atrocities Russian forces have committed in Ukraine.

The planned show trials are illegitimate and a mockery of justice, and we strongly condemn them. All members of Ukraine’s armed forces, including domestic and foreign volunteers incorporated into the armed forces, are entitled to prisoner of war status if they are captured and must be afforded the treatment and protections commensurate with that status, according to the Geneva Conventions.

We call on Moscow to comply with its obligations under international law. The United States will continue to firmly stand with the Ukrainian people as they defend their freedom.”


No way… the Biden Admin are already trying to delegitimize the tribunals because the Russian allegations for these war crimes go all the way up to the top, to include Biden himself for the production of chemical and biological weapons, as well as arming and assisting Nazi Ukrainian forces responsible for war-crimes and atrocities on civilians.

Russian MIL claimed that the US/Ukraine are terrified of the testimony to be given by Ukrainian POWs, because it will further cement and expose the crimes committed by the Kiev and Biden/DNC regimes.

As per usual, the Western media are complete radio silent on this subject, with the exception of Reuters, who puts out their one tiny article about it that doesn’t seem to get circulated. This came out yesterday at 6AM EST, and I don’t know of anyone in the community or the Western world who has mentioned it.

“GENEVA, Aug 23 (Reuters) – The U.N. human rights office expressed concern on Tuesday about plans by Russian-backed authorities to try Ukrainian prisoners of war (POWs) in the port city of Mariupol, possibly within days, saying such a process could itself amount to a war crime.

The Russian-backed authorities appear to be installing metal cages in a hall in Mariupol as part of plans to establish what they were calling an ‘international tribunal’, Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), told a briefing.”


So the international military tribunals are going down in Ukraine, just like Russia said they would. They are trying literal Azov Nazis for crimes against humanity, and the Biden admin don’t like it.

Russia have been extremely transparent in their reporting on Nazi war-crimes and attacks on civilians. While the Liberal Globalist leaders of the West continue to gloss over the fact that they are supporting literal admitted Nazi forces in Ukraine…

Another point of interest is if these are to be true “international military tribunals”, there would need to be multiple countries involved in overseeing the tribunals, and multi-lateral agreement amongst the contributing militaries. So who are the militaries?

I assume today’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization Defense Summit between all the highest ranking Military officials of Eurasia, had something to do with it. They did discuss US war crimes and crimes against humanity today. See my piece on this meeting here.


In conclusion, tribunals are happening whether the West or the UN Rights Office likes it or not. Russia will start with Ukrainian POWs, and work their way up the chain. The reckoning has begun.

I don’t know when, if, or how the top players get involved, but Russia have begun their ascent. We’ve been waiting for Military tribunals for 6 years now. It may not be like we pictured it, but it appears something is finally happening.






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