Russian MIL Discuss US Crimes Against Humanity at SCO Summit


Huge revelations today at a meeting of the the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Uzbekistan, to address the ongoing situation in Ukraine and rising global tensions. SCO is a Eurasian Defense summit between the top Military personnel from China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, with four Observer States interested in acceding to full membership (Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, and Mongolia) and six “Dialogue Partners” (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Turkey).


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Russian Defense Minister, the highest ranking Russian military official only behind Putin, Sergei Shoigu, spoke at the meeting in great depth on the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, and goes absolutely scorched earth on the US and the activities of the Deep State. He goes over the reason for Russia’s invasion, the Deep State biological network, the Nazi war-crimes, Taiwan, EVERYTHING!

Let’s break down his statements.

“Today’s meeting is taking place against the backdrop of an extremely unstable international situation.

In Shanghai Cooperation Organization region, as well as in the world at large, threats are escalating, local crises are not subsiding, and new serious challenges are emerging.

The United States and the collective West, are exerting unprecedented pressure on independent states to maintain global dominance. To this end they use blatant blackmail, threats, colour revolutions and coups, and spread gross disinformation.

Confrontational actions and sanctions imposed by the West are worsening the situation in the global economy, ruining communications, artificially creating a food crisis.”

The Russian Military pull no punches and lambast the US Deep State entities and their usage of colour revolutions, coups, blackmail, threats, and disinformation. The rest of the world are keen to the nefarious activity of the Deep State, and they are recognizing the “extremely unstable international situation”.

Feels as if we are inching towards the possibility of kinetic WW3, also known as, the precipice.

“Conflict in Ukraine has become another pretext for the United States and its allies to unleash an economic and information war against Russia.

Ukraine has been chosen as an instrument of hybrid warfare against Russia.”

You know who Sergei Shoigu sounds like? General Mike Flynn. “Irregular warfare”.“War on Information”. Russia know damn well they are fighting the Deep State.

Also, Shoigu is asserting that the US have indirectly, via proxy in Ukraine, waged war on not just Russia, but the entirety of Eurasia and the world, with their biological activity.

“I would like to mention of the facts uncovered during the special operation regarding the implementation of the US military-biological programme in Ukraine. The documents we disclosed confirm that the Pentagon financed more than 30 Ukrainian bio-laboratories. The high-risk research was carried out secretly, with the participation and guidance of US specialists.

As part of this programme, components of biological weapons were developed, techniques to destabilize the epidemiological situation were tested and collected and exported to the United States.

Such actions pose a direct threat to SCO countries.”

Pretty straightforward here. Russia and the rest of the world know about the 30+ US funded secret militarized biolabs in Ukraine, carried out by “US Specialists”.

For those who aren’t up to speed, the US Specialists are Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Soros, and all of their accomplices, as per the documents Shoigu is alluding to, see my past work on this in footnotes and see graphic from Russian docs below on the entire alleged biological network in Ukraine.


Russia rightfully claim the US biological activity and production of C19 are a threat to the world and the non-NATO countries must address this reality and enhance militaristic security measures to combat this threat.

Kinda sounds like the rest of the world are turning on the “West”, which is really a euphemism for “Deep State”. How do I know that? Because the Eastern leaders LOVE Trump and echo his opposition to Globalism.


Shoigu goes on to give a status update on the Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

“In the special operation, we are strictly observing the norms of humanitarian law. The strikes are carried out with high-precision weapons against the military infrastructure of the Ukrainian armed forces: command posts, airfields, depots, fortifications and facilities of the military-industrial complex. In doing so, everything is being done to avoid civilian casualties. Of course, this slows down the pace of the offensive, but we are doing it deliberately.

The Ukrainian military is using scorched earth tactics, acting like terrorists. Russian military organized systematic work in the liberated territories to establish a peaceful life. We are providing humanitarian aid, restoring infrastructure and life support systems.

They use residential buildings, schools, hospitals, kindergartens as firing positions, place tanks and artillery in them, using population as human shield. They deliberately shell and remotely mine populated areas with anti-personnel mines, with the purpose of causing as much damage to civilians and infrastructure as possible.”

This contradicts all of the Western media propaganda claiming Russia are losing and Ukraine are the innocent victims. This also echos much of what I have been saying, that the reason it’s taking long is that Russian MIL are operating under strict RoE (Rules of Engagement), and not mindlessly slaughtering civilians, like the Western media would have you believe.

Russia could have flattened Ukraine in 48 hours without breaking a sweat. The only reason it’s taking this long, is because they are being careful to navigate civilians. And the Nazi Ukrainian forces are using the Russian humanitarian RoE against them, by using civilians, predominantly children, as human shields.

Russia also express their displeasure with the West continuing to arm Ukraine and prolong the suffering. However, conflict will soon resolve as Ukrainian forces are surrendering, providing testimony against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Russia assures all of their objectives will be accomplished.

“Now a large number of Ukrainian servicemen, aware of the humane attitude of the Russian side towards prisoners of war, are voluntarily laying down their arms. However, the Kiev regime, in order to intimidate and prevent the surrender of others, as well as fearing their testimonies, is eliminating its own soldiers.

The special military operation is proceeding as planned, all tasks will be completed.”

The Defense Minister also goes on to address the situation in Taiwan.

“As far as the southern flank of our Organization – Southeast Asia – is concerned, there is also a complex set of complex interstate contradictions and hotbeds of tension with a hard-to-predict scenario of events. Washington is attempting to fracture the regional security architecture to ensure global hegemony.

The states in the region are engaged in cooperation with NATO. Similar to Europe, a front is being formed to deter China. The so called Taiwan problem is being deliberately aggravated, and territorial disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea are being fueled.”

Pretty straightforward, the US are desperate to cause turmoil in Taiwan and intentionally aggravating the situation, in an attempt to fracture relationships in the region, to ultimately prevent the entire world from siding against NATO which is controlled by the Deep State.

In conclusion, all of the US/NATO top military “enemies” are holding open meetings on how to deal with the growing global tensions from the West and how to combat direct threats via biological warfare.

Here in the Western world, nobody is being notified of any of this. We are completely in the dark. Reuters gave their classic 2 sentence piece on the SCO meeting, only choosing to comment on the fact that Russia admitted they slowed down the operation for civilian purposes. Reuters CONVENIENTLY left out all the parts about the 30+ biolabs and Ukrainian Nazis using civilians as shields.


So there you have it folks. Russia, China, and the rest world militaries outside of NATO are joining together to stand up to the US and their biological activity which threaten the entire planet.

Russia are gradually gaining support and the entire Western world are being kept intentionally ignorant. Just like the German civilians largely had no idea the concentration camps existed, the US civilians are completely oblivious to the ongoing crimes of the Deep State actors in Ukraine.


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