Clif High: Fuck ‘green energy’! Give me diesel!


Yes, sadly…we must discuss the mother WEFfers again.

You see, the WEF is the pinnacle, the acme, of a centuries’ long plot to enslave humanity.

They did it, primarily, by controlling the currencies. Every other thing in our social order, over time, became dependent on the financial system that the Khazarian Mafia had engineered on top of our real money. Once their system was robust enough, they used bribery, threats, and murder to quietly remove the real money from the bottom layer of the system.

Since then we have been ‘floating’ on their financial system.

Our collective, humanity wide, problem is that their system is not sound, and has debt in-built that robs all of humanity constantly, and as important as the moral aspect is, the practical aspect is that fake money financial systems don’t provide real, sound, practical solutions, ever. The incentive is to provide solutions that maximize their effects on the financial system, not solve the real underlying problems as intended.

In a Central Bank controlled world, the only ‘solutions’ to any problem that will be supported are those that enhance the central authority. Thus the suppression of any, and all, technology that would provide a decentralized source of energy for individual humans.

In order for our social order to survive the current crises wave brought about by our inglorious ‘leaders’, the WEF, humanity needs to find the equivalent of two large oil fields every year.

We are hitting an energy wall. A real energy crisis is here, as well as an engineered one by the mother WEFfers using their financial system in an attempt to totally enslave humanity before much of it realizes that there is a real energy crisis here.

We humans use 410 quintillion joules of energy annually, which is less than comes into earth in a single hour as sunlight which is 430 quintillion joules, but we are very bad at harvesting solar energy as electricity, in spite of all the blathering and central bank support for the idea.

Further, there is not enough lithium on the planet, nor available substitutes under current knowledge, to make enough batteries to convert all our machinery, EVEN if we were to get really really good at converting solar energy directly over to electricity.

Photovoltaic panels are shit-for-brains way of trying to harvest solar energy. They only work at optimum efficiency at temps less than 77 degrees F. They are not recyclable, nor particularly effective. They can’t be disposed of safely and are polluting aquifers all around the planet when they are buried.

While the climate rioters, the true believers in the mother WEFfers fiction of human caused climate change, will never accept it, and their heads would potentially explode if they were confronted with the idea, humanity needs more oil. Lots more. In fact it is our destiny to get better at finding, and making, and burning fuels.

We will need them to grow food in this developing Ice Age period, which is coinciding with the mother fucking WEF sending out agents to burn down food processing, and producing facilities.

We will need energy to rebuild all these structures in our social order that the mother WEFfers are deliberately destroying as they try to drive humanity into their “great reset”.

So, yes, simultaneous with the death of the global reserve currency, and the eruption of the Peoples’ War against the Central Bank Global Control structure, we have a real energy crisis threatening hundreds of millions of human lives.

The good news is that we have solutions. The bad news is that they have been suppressed, and yes, you guessed it, by the mother WEFfers. These WEF creatures don’t want humans to have energy. They want humans to be as a herd of beasts to be moved and harvested as the WEF chooses. So, obviously, it is not in their mother WEFfing interests that you stay warm, and are able to move about on machinery.

The good news is that we have solutions. Some of which are actually being implemented now, and most of which can easily be quickly scaled up to meet demands should our social order obtain rational and sane leadership.

No, we have not discovered our required two giant oil fields each the size of a Saudi field, but we do have technology that goes even one better, which is to provide the ability to make our fuels.

One of the solutions we have now is fuel made from air plus water. Yes, there is proven tech to make ethanol, and a form of very clean diesel, directly from the extraction of carbon dioxide, with catalytic conversion with water to form combustible fuels. Clean fuels. Far cleaner than extracted oils.

This process is based on the Sabatier reaction which was discovered in 1897, and has been long suppressed by disincentives toward use. As it has been deliberately buried in the dustbins of the Ignored Good Science from History, once we get to work with it, we can likely make great strides in perfecting and enhancing the techniques.

None of our recovery from centuries of slavery and abuse by the mother WEFfers will be either simple, or easy. But it can, and will be done.

IMO we will start seeing the rebound this Winter, both in the EU, and here in the USA. This will take the form of humans going out, and getting shit done, in spite of, and in defiance of, the Central Authority (aka fucking mother WEFfers).

This will be a brutal Winter of harsh, cold weather. It will be the incentive for the humans to remove the blockages in the bowels of the social order that are preventing clear thinking, and correct decisions. Without regard to the political status quo, humans will react to life threatening conditions by behavior that makes sense to them in the circumstances, even if it is against the Central Authority’s desires and directions.

The mother WEFfers will react. Of course. But will they recognize that individual humans, acting in their own self interest, in mass, will have altered the dynamics of the relationship with the WEF, and will have effectively made it the reactive party in the “problem, reaction, solution” dynamic?

In conclusion, the solutions exist. Do not give credence to the mother WEFfers MSM which claims otherwise as it spews doom over you. The solutions are there, under the dust of obscured history. You just need to get to work finding, and perfecting them.

Fuck the WEF every day.

Humanity will make it’s own way.

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