Pfizer Director Admits Before European Parliament the “Vaccines” Were NEVER TESTED FOR STOPPING TRANSMISSION of Covid-19

By J.D. Rucker 


For millions of vaxx-nannies around the world, this bombshell admission will shake their worldviews. For those of us who have avoided the jabs at all costs, it will just reaffirm what we’ve suspected all along.

During European Parliamentary hearings, a Director for Pfizer admitted the Covid-19 “vaccines” were NOT tested for stopping transmission before they were released to the public. This makes sense since it has been known for a while that experimental injections do not prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Now we have confirmation that Big Pharma knew this before their puppets in government and corporate media began their pressure campaigns to get as many men, women, and children jabbed as many times as possible.

Here’s the video dropped by Rob Roos, a Member of the European Parliament:

As Roos noted, this is a huge admission when we consider the entire predicate for draconian policies such as vaccine passports and vaccine mandates was to use the drugs to stop transmission. They used guilt and invoked personal responsibility to compel people to get injected even if they were not personally concerned about Covid-19.

Stopping transmission was the excuse used to strip tens of millions of Americans of their bodily autonomy. This was the argument used by leftists who couldn’t rightly claim forcing the jabs was acceptable but preventing abortions was not. They’d tell us the difference between the two actions in the bodily autonomy argument is that abortions don’t harm others but not getting jabbed would. As it turns out, the opposite is true. Getting abortion murders a preborn baby but not getting jabbed doesn’t hurt anyone, and now Pfizer is admitting it.

Don’t expect this to make a dent in the medical tyranny that’s still very present in the world today. They’ll ignore this bombshell. They’ll discredit Rob Roos and anyone who echoes the Pfizer Director’s words. But now, at least the truth is being spoken aloud.


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