DHS wants to stop misinformation

So I applied for a grant. I’m a world expert on this topic, so hopefully I’ll get a grant.

Steve Kirsch

Source… https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/dhs-wants-to-stop-misinformation

Fighting the Misinformation Virus | Cognizant

Read this article about DHS getting serious about stopping misinformation.

Funding is available as noted in that article.

So, being one of the world’s most prolific COVID misinformation spreaders, I applied. Wish me luck!!!

Perhaps you can put in a good word for me with central@cisa.gov? There is probably lots of competition for funding.

I figure if CISA will fund me to advertise my Substack and get more readers, it will really reduce harm caused by all the government misinformation spreaders.


Censorship has never worked in the past. It won’t work now.

If the DHS really wants to stop misinformation, they should tell public officials to debate us. One debate and it will instantly all be over.

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