Hey, let me have a hit off that…


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Hey, let me have a hit off that…

It is true to say that in this Matterium, THE CURRENCY, above all others, is ‘novelty’.

The [Khazarian Mafia] has some small understanding of this concept, and its deep core truth value. Their problem is that they are not very good at producing real novelty.

It frustrates them. Seriously.

They are very jealous of people who can produce ‘novelty’ as their ‘gods’ are intrigued by it, and crave the sensation of ‘novel ideas’ flowing through their minds. This is all from the [KM]s version of their own history with the ‘gods’. Their

‘gods’ are novelty addicted, and the Khazarian Mafia was not able to satisfy their needs.

There is some discussion in the Talmud of this concept, with descriptions of, but not acknowledgment of, the real reason for the hatred and racism being expressed in its pages. It, in my understanding, comes down to jealousy.

It is possible to find hints, well, really ‘trails’ of insight, in ancient literature of humans being made aware that our species is ‘special’ in the view of the gods as some of us are able to provide something that they labor to manifest, which is to say, the creation of true novelty, here in this Matterium. This is in all manner of ancient literature telling of interactions between humans and ‘the gods’.

Novelty, that is, invention of something, some idea, some notion, that had not existed before, is referenced as being greatly prized by the invading space aliens that primitive humans came to call ‘the gods’, probably by insistence of the invaders.

We note that these invading aliens, whether in Meso-America, or the Middle East, or Asia, all so loved novelty being expressed that some humans were taken into their midst, to live with them, and to provide the entertainment that comes to the old, advanced mind, as the ‘Shock of The New’.

Consider how this makes sense. If you lived thousands of years, you would get pretty bored in only a few hundred years of the constant repetition of mundane thought that we call ‘daily life’. You would crave ‘newness’ like an addict. Your life would be incredibly dull until your next fix of ‘novelty shock’.

The [KM], as a group, are not really very good at novelty. They find this inability to create ‘the new’ to be irritating, and project out its opposite into our reality. They claim to be good inventors, and creators, but don’t really demonstrate that. Their abilities are within manipulation. They are also very jealous of those humans who are good at actual novelty.

Creativity, the ability to produce the ‘shock of the new’, is a human trait, but is not equally shared by all humans. It is this trait above any and all other aspects of humanity, that draws the attention of those Other Minds who are also here in this Matterium.

The Other Minds watch us.

They are watching us now.

They appear to be mapping, and examining us.

They are listening to us chatter to each other. No doubt about it. They are mapping that as well.

They are getting to know us.

They don’t appear to care much about the Normies.

At some point they will want to talk.

That is when the collective governments around the planet are going to freak out, shitting, and pissing themselves in public. And passing out in public meetings. No joke.

The trigger for the government meltdown will be the Space Aliens showing up at Max Igan’s Bar in Mexico to drink, and talk.

They will likely also be sitting down to chew a cigar with Joe on the JRE.

Collective government is going to feel very neglected.

Hard to visualize the Aliens wanting to talk with government. Just no novelty there at all….

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