Covid vaccine injury class action update, Australia

An interview with Etana Hecht from Daily Clout

Last month, I reported that a Covid vaccine class action had been filed against the Australian Government, citing alleged, “negligence, breach of statutory duty and misfeasance in public office” in its failure to properly approve and monitor the Covid vaccines, resulting in harms to Australians.

I joined Queensland GP and instigator of the action, Dr Mel McCann, for an interview with Etana Hecht of Daily Clout to discuss the action.

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1:00 Rebekah on the context of the class action in Australia, problems with current federal compensation system

4:45 Dr Mel explains how she identified the safety problems with the Covid vaccines in her practice

7:10 Dr Mel discusses the attempts she made to get Australian officials to investigate Covid vaccine safety concerns

8:30 Dr Mel on why a class action is now necessary, what the action will argue, and what will be achieved should it be successful

12:15 Contextualising regulatory failures in the international landscape

13:25 Current Covid vaccine guidelines and recommendations in Australia

17:00 Booster uptake numbers and appetite

18:15 Discussion of how Australian medical professionals are dealing with Covid vaccine injuries, medical censorship is still a concern in the profession

23:40 Need for medical professionals to admit the error and take action to redress the failures of the system

27:00 Wrap up, how to join the class action, where to get more info

If you’re short on time, watch the four minute teaser on Twitter


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