In the climate of a global pandemic, COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out under emergency use authorization after a much shorter than normal testing period. Millions of people rolled up their sleeves because they were told they were doing their part to end the pandemic. But for some—it didn’t go as expected.

The Unseen Crisis is a feature-length documentary that provides an intimate, uncensored look into the lives of those who live with the debilitating after-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. It examines the issue of COVID-19 vaccine injury claims in a fresh, honest, and comprehensive manner with expert interviews, whistleblowers’ statements, and government health statistics.

This is a documentary about people, not politics.

The patients in the documentary suffered severe reactions to the shot and their health spiraled out of control. When they reached out to the public health system and pharmaceutical companies for help and support, instead of being acknowledged, cared for, and studied; they were ignored, censored, and called “anti-vaxxers” despite having gotten the shot. These patients are by no means isolated cases. The world is witnessing a growing epidemic of COVID-19 vaccine injuries that can no longer be ignored.

Fortunately, a small community of doctors are bravely trying to unravel the mystery of these injuries and how to treat them. They too were shocked to find themselves shut out of the mainstream medical community, simply for practicing what every doctor is trained to do.

But ultimately, The Unseen Crisis is a story of hope and triumph. In spite of everything, this group has learned to rely on themselves and work together to find relief. Determined, principled, and surprisingly positive, they truly embody the resilient American spirit.

For those suffering in silence, hope begins with having a voice. The “Unseen Crisis” finally gives them one.

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  1. This film is just furthering of the agenda of genocide. It puts forward the idea that the vaccine would’ve been fine if proper tests had’ve been performed as oppossed to what actually happened which was a very deliberate depopulation through a toxic injection. All this film does is to promote a “safer” vaccine regime which obviously doesn’t exist. Moving forward, governments and the pharmecutical companies can say, “Lessons have been learned” and go ahead with an equally destructive campaign only this time with the public’s trust. Nice try, but I’m calling “Foul”.

    1. Vaccines are finished – except for those still so blind, gullible and trusting. They will never again be accepted by anyone with an ounce of sence or self awareness.

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