BREAKING: Early onset dementia is being caused by the COVID vaccine (~25X increase)

The medical community is never going to admit this and the mainstream media is never going to cover this, but I thought you should know. People who work in nursing homes are seeing a 25X increase.




Executive summary

No doubt about it: the COVID vaccines are causing a very significant increase in the likelihood of people developing sudden dementia.

I just got off the phone with a charge nurse at a rehab/long term elderly care facility. She’s been a nurse for 32 years and has never seen anything like this in her history.

She told me that they would rarely see anyone suddenly exhibit dementia behaviors like sudden onset hallucinations for no reason (nothing showing in the labs); maybe around 2 a year.

Now, just in the last 12 months, she’s seen this happen nearly 50 times, which is a 25X fold increase in the dementia rate.

By the way, she also told me that their local funeral home that picks up bodies from her facility mentioned to her that they had 150 deaths last month, but in a normal July they would get 7 deaths. [ I have a call into this funeral home; no call back ].

It’s very noticeable by people who work at nursing homes, but most are not able to talk about it without losing their jobs. I finally found someone who will talk on video. Stay tuned.

The medical literature shows that COVID virus can also increase the risk of dementia, but the COVID vaccine is far more efficient, doing it at a rate that appears to be at least 25X that of the virus (this nurse had never seen any of these 50 cases post-COVID). This is why the nursing homes are all noticing this post-vaccine, rather than post-virus.

A VAERS search shows that COVID vaccine is causing dementia reports to be filed in people as young as 18 years old. No other vaccine in the 33 history of VAERS is doing anything close to this kind of damage. I’ll show you the chart.


I did a survey recently on death rates in elderly care facilities and geriatric practices.

In the survey, I was interested only in the number of deaths each year to see if the vaccine rollout changed anything.

I got plenty of deaths… the responses were that the deaths more than doubled each year in 2021, 2022, 2023 vs. the pre-COVID baseline with 2023 looking like the highest death rate on record. I didn’t find this surprising. The COVID vaccines have been a huge contributor to this as I wrote about earlier.

But I left a “Notes” field in the survey for people to mention anything else they wanted me to be aware of.

I read through the comments just now and noticed that 20% of the people who commented spontaneously noted a huge increase in dementia in their facility after the jabs rolled out.

In particular, the new cases were high but also the onset age was much lower than normal.

Because these reports were completely unprompted (there was no mention of dementia anywhere in the survey), I suspect this is happening in every nursing facility and people are just assuming “that’s odd” and thinking it is just a coincidence and not giving it a second thought.

Nope. No coincidence.

The COVID vaccines are basically destroying the minds of the elderly.

This is so tragic that we are doing this to our elderly.

Even more tragic is that:

  • the elderly care facilities will never public acknowledge or report this (not surprising since sudden dementia is not a reportable event),
  • the mainstream medical community will deny it is happening (otherwise, they’d look if they admitted it),
  • and the mainstream media will never write a story about it (because they were the ones pushing the narrative).

But you can verify for yourself it is happening in every nursing home if you can befriend a resident or employee at your local facility.

Or you can just read what they are saying here in the Notes field.

Here are the unprompted comments regarding dementia cases received on my survey

These are the comments; I added the bold emphasis.

And keep in mind when you read these reports that this is all unprompted recall. The survey didn’t mention dementia at all!

At first I thought it was odd, but after seeing this being noted in nearly 20% of the responses, it’s crystal clear that these were not “coincidences.”

  1. I am a nurse at this convent. All except 1 of these deaths were nuns who were vaccinated and boosted per CDC recommendation. I’ve also witnessed a huge uptick in dementia.
  2. There are 5 residents in our facility. The other 2 residents that had the 2 shots each have had strokes and are not well. They can’t walk nor feed themselves. They both have advanced Dementia now.
  3. My mother is in a memory care unit at vista springs Northview in Grand Rapids Michigan. Covid boosters were administered (the second round) in or around October/December 2022. Within a couple months the facility which houses 30-35 residents 10 plus died within a three week period. All in their sleep. Jan, feb of march 2023. I am just a family member but I’m noticing these things. Many aides who are not vaccinated realize what’s going on, but they are too scared to say anything. Most of the residents (from what aides said) were all double vaxxed and boosted. My mom got the first booster against my wishes. She did not receive the second booster. She did get the first two shots. Also- I am noticing very young residents in the memory care unit. 60s and 70s. Dementia. It seems very strange to me that this age group would all have dementia. Many of the younger dementia patients were teachers. I don’t know if there is any correlation. just seems very odd. I have no hard data. Just observation. Thank you for all you are doing.
  4. I am a daughter of a resident. This facility is Assisted Living on one side and memory care on the other. I could probably get you the death rates per year possibly… but My mother is in this facility. I lived in California. I come to visit twice a year and now I have moved back to Michigan to care for my mom. Most people who lived in this facility were pretty healthy and could for the most part care for themselves. After the vaccines seemingly very together and healthy people died every time I came a couple of them were gone. My mother started falling and other people she knew took falls. One man who she was really good friends with started having neurological problems and then he and his wife died one day apart from each other. My mom is now in memory care. She is unable to do most things. She can barely feed herself at this point. Her motor skills are affected. Many people I knew who were quite normal in Assisted Living were also moved to memory care… however some seem to be hallucinating and creating havoc and fighting… The first time I came and saw my mother in Memory care.. I felt like I was in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest. One man was bent over touching the floor in his wheelchair doing a wheelie – but he was so drugged out it was like they were all on Thorazine. People in wheelchairs leaning over the sides of the sleeping. A woman stole the pizza I brought for my mother and told me her family owned the place and how dare I bring food in there and stole my pizza. I knew her before and she was a lovely lady… but now she hallucinates about men with hair coming out of their mouth and other orifices… there is always someone after her and hitting her. It makes me cry to see my mother in a place like this… but I believe they all have prions disease. This all happened after the shot and more and more from the regular assisted living are coming into the memory care with dementia. People who did not have dementia the last couple years all the sudden, they all have it.

Here’s another unprompted comment. It’s not related to dementia specifically, but it does point to a problem. The vaccines are supposed to be life saving. How is it even possible for me to find an anecdote like this?

I’m a nurse in a rehab facility. On average, we’d lose up to 10 patients a year related mostly to age/illness. Since 2022, our patients are much younger, sicker, and the amount of turbo-cancer, clotting issues, cardiac, and neurological (strokes) are off the charts. Even the most loyal, covid-jab’d employees ( the ones who believed the BS ) are seeing the undeniable, and shocked. Some of my friends (co-workers) that truly believed in the jabs, are now riddled w/ anxiety because of how much death and destruction we’re seeing, and these patients are ones who we continue therapy/nursing services with until they’re ready to be discharged home!

PS- and the amount of new chronic illnesses, like diabetes, and cardiac issues, like A-fib are like I’ve never seen in my 32 years as a nurse.

It’s not just dementia that is up. Deaths are way way up in 2023. From 7 a year in a normal year to 50 so far in 2023.

There was a second entry from that same reporter:

I wanted to add to the survey I filled out yesterday. I just lost a 61 yo patient last night, due to respiratory failure. When the mortuary arrived to pick up the deceased, I struck up a chat with them. They (2 men) informed me that in July, they picked up over 150 bodies- the most ever, and I don’t reside in a large county..!

This nurse said prior to the COVID vaccine, they would see 7 deaths a year in their 99 person facility. This year, they’ve seen over 50 deaths so far, suggesting they will have 75 deaths for the entire year, a 10X increase in death rate from the pre-COVID baseline. This is statistically impossible if there isn’t something causing these deaths (it’s on the order of 1e-50 of an increase like this happening by chance).

But of course, not a single health authority in the world really wants to find out why these elderly people are dying at such a high rate, do they? It’s funny that when COVID was killing people, there would be lots of press. But when this new mystery killer is killing far more people in the same facility, there is no interest.

VAERS confirms what the survey respondents said: the COVID vaccine is causing dementia.

This is a query over all vaccines in the entire 33 year history of VAERS.

Only one vaccine stands out with respect to dementia: the COVID vaccine.

And the dementia reports are starting as early as age 18 years old.

Why are we doing this to our kids?

The VAERS system shows that only 1 vaccine in the 33 year history of VAERS is causing dementia cases: the COVID vaccine.

The average age of onset of dementia in the US is 85 years old by the way.

A stunning example of dementia in a 49 year old female with no health issues just 33 days post vaccine (2 Moderna shots)

Here is the VAERS case report of a 49-year old female who got two Moderna shots. She was IN PERFECT HEALTH BEFORE THE SHOTS.

Now she can’t walk or talk.

This is not a joke.

The physician at the end of the report says this shouldn’t discourage anyone from taking the vaccine!!

VAERS report 2179519

This is an excerpt. Click the link to see the full report.

Patient had received full vaccination with Moderna and has developed a rapidly progressive dementia. The was a complaint of rapid loss of all cognitive functions. Patient was in her usual, perfect, state of health until November 2021. Four days after receiving her second dose of the Moderna vaccine she complained of numbness from her left knee to her foot. She had received the first Moderna dose on September 29. Her left knee started to give way. Pins and needles developed in her left arm. One week later she had difficulty walking described as loss of stability. Was evaluated by ENT and a neurologist. MRI of the brain and spine were normal. … . She developed double and blurred vision. Her general status deteriorated and again was admitted for evaluation (February). MRI (again normal) and the LP were repeated, and CSF sent for 14-3-3 protein considering C-J disease (results pending for another 20 days). No seizures have occurred.

She was previously healthy and does not have history of psychiatric disease. No history of neurosurgeries. No previous medications. Did not smoke or drink and slept well. Has 3 healthy children.

On exam she was brought in a wheelchair with a spastic posture arm flexed and legs straight. An NG tube has been placed. She had her eyes to the right but can move them -with strong stimulation- to the right. Does not speak or follow any commands. She has diffuse myoclonus. Diffuse hyperreflexia and a right spontaneous Babinski. …All other tests were normal.

The benefit-risk relationship of mRNA-1273 in not affected by this report.

Note: I love the last sentence. No matter how bad it gets, let’s not blame the vaccine.

Do you think the vaccine had anything to do with her dementia? She had severe reactions after both doses.

I posted a preview on Twitter of this article and was inundated with similar stories of dementia post-vaccine

Some of the stories were quite shocking as to how fast the decline happens post-vaccine:

How many more stories do you need to hear? This thread is filled with such stories.

Medical researchers agree: the COVID virus can cause dementia

The virus can cause dementia onset, but the rates are low. The vaccine is the major cause.

The rate of dementia caused by the vaccine is 20X greater than the rate caused by the virus

The vaccine acts like a virus on steroids. Check out this quick poll I did to get a sense for the relative frequency of virus vs. vaccine. The poll confirms what this nurse observed that it is the vaccine that is associated with the rapid onset dementia:

Clinicians I talked to confirmed that the vaccine is causing far more cases than COVID

I also confirmed the relative frequency of the two (vax vs. virus) with clinicians who never saw dementia post-virus, but had seen it happen rapidly post-vaccine.

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The COVID vaccines are causing a large number of dementia cases to happen in elderly care facilities. This may be happening about 25X more often than pre=vaccine.

It’s clear from the cases being reported from just this one facility (50 vaccine-caused cases) that few of these dementia cases are being reported to VAERS. But it is happening at younger ages now and people who work in these facilities are noticing. But they aren’t reporting it. And this isn’t tracked statewide because vaccine-induced sudden onset dementia isn’t a trackable health outcome.

Few nursing home workers can speak up about this because they will lose their job. And sadly, most people will rather keep their job than help the elderly. So they keep their mouths shut and say nothing. I’ve never had a single elderly care facility that was willing to talk to me or even return my phone calls. They all ghost me. If they have success stories, why not tell me about them?

It may take 20 years for anyone in Congress to muster the courage to investigate this. Right now, it’s not on anyone’s radar even though it’s happening in massive numbers.

In the meantime, I thought you should know what is really going on in these elderly care facilities with respect to the COVID vaccines. It isn’t good news at all. This is why everyone is silent and nobody will return my calls.