The Jokes on You

There are so many flaws with Trump – but they are overlooked and ignored by those desparate for an external savior. How does he fit in the same room as his ego ?

Trump is a Joke – probably the best choice the Americans have, but Europe sees him as an idiot that tried to buy Scotland’s golf courses and was a second class front end for the apprentice…. Oh and did I mention – he’s more than likely a womanizing pedophile.

Lets not forget his vaccine stance – “father of the vaccine”, his support for Israel at the expense of everything else. Very difficult to see why he’s so popular in the US – probably because he’s only slightly less of an idiot than Biden. I’ll give him the fact that he plays the crowd well – telling them what they want to hear – but that will come from the team behind him. Don’t forget – like all of them – he’s just the public facing puppet…. the real agenda roles on. How did that wall go for you all.