Claire Edwards: What Is The Real 5G Agenda And Why The Frantic Hurry To Deploy It?

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There has always been a lingering question as to why is 5G being hyped up, as the panacea for all things with communications and especially the internet
of things. That they must deploy NOW as soon as possible! Why the hurry?

Claire Edwards has worked for 19 years in the UN in Austria as an editor on Drugs and Crime, anti Terrorism and especially worked on Space documents and
the ‘peaceful use of outer space’ … which has a legal subcommittee and a scientific and technical sub committee and as a results she has a very
good understanding of Space Law as well as some of the issues regarding space (which should be designated as part of the global commons).

What brought her to an in-depth understanding of 5G and its effect on human health is that in December 2015 the UN installed all along the ceilings in
what is called ‘public access points’ in the UN International Centre in Vienna in Austria. These areas were for public use.

Radiation Exposure ‘off the scale’

So she decided to take her radiation meter for measuring electromagnetic fields – and do some ‘readings’ in this whole area. She visited the conference
areas, where they had these ‘public access’ areas that were for mobile phones – cell phone access and also for wifi access. In these conference areas
they tend to have very high ceilings – and she found that the radiation was not that bad, but in the corridors where most of the staff worked – as
these were very narrow corridors – with metal walls and very low ceilings above all these public access points – her meter would not even measure the
exposure levels there, as it was off the scale!

So she contacted all the authorities in Vienna, as well – also the UN medical service in Vienna – and also the Staff Union – and staff representatives.
She said that this needs to be looked into and that they bring in the Building Biology people in to find out if these levels are safe. She spent two
years chasing this up and the result was that everyone ignored her.

She says as soon as the technology was deployed she became ill (hypersensitivity) – she was ill for 7 months with flu and colds continuously. What she
has found out since is that flu symptoms are nearly identical to electromagnetic radiation poisoning. Because it’s an environmental toxin.

Asking the United Nations Secretary General about 5G

She did not connect this at the time – but as soon as this technology was activated – that is when she started to suffer health affects. However as no
one would do anything about it, she decided on early retirement and it was not until a year and a half later that the United Nations Secretary General
made a visit to Vienna – during which he addressed the staff and she was still able to, as an ex UN employee – attend his talk.

So she addressed the Secretary General Antonio Guterres as nobody else would listen – telling him that this was extremely dangerous and that something
should be done about it.

She was concerned for the 4,000 UN staff who work at the Centre and that were being exposed everyday for 8 hours or so. The reaction from the Secretary
General was to make a joke out of this. Which Claire felt was highly inappropriate. Especially as he is an electrical engineer and a physicist. Where
previously he had actually taught about telecommunications technology early in his career. So of all people, he should (would) have known what Claire
was talking about. Naturally she considers this negligence in the extreme.

Meanwhile the staff in Vienna have been exposed to this for 4 years and she has heard of people who have collapsed and died, people who have had heart
attacks, a phenomenal number of breast cancer cases. However, this issue is not being addressed.

So after addressing the Secretary General she wrote to the EMS Scientist Appeal of 2016 as well as well as the EU-5G Appeal of 2017 Stating that she has
told the UN Secretary General of the dangers of 5G so he cannot say he doesn’t know now – because she has just told him.

What came as a result was that the professor of the EU – 5G appeal asked her to help them on the issue of Space, and she now has found herself assisting
on a very committed level.

No understanding and adequate training in electromagnetic radiation

The universal problem that is ubiquitous today is that medical staff are given no training to understand what the health consequences and effects are from
electromagnetic radiation. So they simply do not know. However, people in the emerging understanding of the consequences of electromagnetic radiation
– actually have a whole history that goes back to the 18th century when electricity was first generated – and she says that we know what all the symptoms

That electromagnetic radiation is alien to our biology – so it affects everything – it’s going to exacerbate every disease. And she said you can not basically
list them.

And the medical staff do not really know – so what will happen is you turn up at a hospital and say – Doctor I am having all these nose bleeds – or all
of a sudden I am having all the headaches – Dr I have something wrong with my heart. Am I having a heart attack? Dr I can’t get my breath – I can not
breathe … I have pain all over my body … etc tinnitus – these are common initial symptoms.

Heart problems? So they send you to a heart specialist. Tinnitus – to a hearing specialist etc – however they do not know what is really happening. They
do not see this as a “syndrome” – which is what it is. Because the medical people do not get training in it.

There are over ten thousand peer review studies – that the public do not get to hear or see

Even though there are over 10,000 peer review studies of the effect of 5G – disseminating this information is a huge challenge. (When was the last time
the NZ Herald or Radio NZ gave another side of the 5G debate?) However, Claire says that there have been over 28,000 studies – But the regulatory Agencies
have been co-opted by Corporations and that guidelines have been set that are deliberately astronomically high.

For example – most of the world is using the ’so-called’ safety guidelines of the International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection.

It’s a Private Club

It is a little club in Germany – that under German law it’s actually a little private club. It operates under no transparency – no supervision – it appoints
its own members, none of the members of the International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection are medical doctors or environmentalists.
These are technical people, who systematically dismiss all the science on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. As a result, they have
set these ’so-called’ safely guidelines, so high – to give you an example.

Listen – to where in Sweden an apartment close to an antenna 10 metres away that to break the safely guidelines you would need 666,000 such antennas around
this apartment in order to exceed those safety guidelines. (It’s a farce). It is like something akin to setting your speed limit for your cars when
driving along the road at say a million miles an hour. You could never exceed these limits.

Also, regarding these International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection ‘guidelines is that a lie has been perpetrated.

Military use of microwave radiation – as weapons

The American military wanted to develop microwave radiation weapons. This is all documented. They, put together and compiled a whole series of compendia
in the 1970’s and the 1980’s of all the bodies biological effects to microwave radiation – because they wanted to develop microwave weapons. We have
this information, because it has been declassified and a lot of these studies came from the Soviet Union. There were thousands of studies listed.

In 1973 the World Health Organisation – which is part of the United Nations – held a symposium of which the title was

The Biologic affect and health hazards of Microwave Radiation. So this shows that there were and are biological effects.

Note that in 1976 there is a document emanating from the US military – stating – It’s not desirable to have adequate public exposure limits – because this
would impede the development of weapons and also impede the profit of industry. (The military Industrial complex).

Weapons Expert Barry Trower, calls this the saddest and most despicable document in history.

So this has all been suppressed (surprised?)

The International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection insists that there are no biological effects and that there are only heating effects.
This is what is called the ‘thermal hypothesis.’

The basis of the thermal hypothesis means that if you simply hold your phone away from your body, it cannot be heating you – and therefore you are going
to be relatively safe. This is not the case because these frequencies are alien to our biology and it will interfere with our whole bodies biological
system because our body functions electrically.

That exposing ourselves to microwave radiation is essentially killing our body. That is why the US military wanted to develop microwave radiation weapons
– in order to kill!

Note that over the last 25 years with mobile phones and wireless technology we are now all immersed – 24/7 .

Insects and the effects of ubiquitous microwave radiation

Insects are being affected – so what about bees? She says the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder – that the bees are dying. She states that when Marconi
was doing his experiments with wireless in 1906 around 90% of the bees on the Isle of Wight died. They brought in fresh bees and they too died within
a week. So this is a known.

Claire has talked with various beekeepers and they have shared many different stories. One keeper when visiting his hives had bees swarm out of the hive
and attack his mobile phone, because they felt the emanations coming off the phone. Another bee keeper said that he very quickly worked out that the
bees were dying when he placed his hives in between two antennas. So he actually made a map of the area where all the phone antennas were and made
sure that he never sited his hives between two phone antennas.

Safety Guidelines – Incongruent?

The so called safety guidelines have been based on a 200 pound US military male – someone with a substantially sized body. With regard to the thermal affect
– the smaller the body the greater the effect.

Therefore women are far more vulnerable to this. Especially children. Because children’s bodies contain more water – proportionately. Plus they have growing
brains and their brains are always growing until adulthood. She mentions that a 2 minute mobile phone call, with your phone near your ear will cause
your blood brain barrier to leak. So children should never come into contact with a mobile phone. She says even computer use is detrimental, as children
with their growing brains are especially vulnerable.

She states that there are reports of children in the USA who’ve been immersed in radiation who now have brains that are like senile old people.

A scientist from the US – Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT has predicted that by the year 2025 every second baby will be autistic. That the smaller
the body the more susceptible it becomes. She states that effects to the foetus in utero, could occur? She talks about even small exposures causing
autism and HDHD. Listen

In China, pregnant women are required to wear a protective apron to protect them from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Plus the police even enforce
the wearing of this apron.

But in the west we are never told about this exposure and remain oblivious to the consequences.

That even today some pregnant women find it convenient to use ‘their bump’ to actually put their laptop on and rest it directly above the foetus.

Bird deaths falling out of the sky. The Hague in Holland . Listen 24 or so minutes in.

Coventry hospital in the UK – testing 5G for their ambulance service – and birds just dropped dead all around.

Regarding the elderly

There is a huge wave of neurological disease and death manifesting in the western world – are we entering a tipping point? She mentions the rates of dementia
are escalating rapidly. Even dementia in people younger than 30 years of age.  Listen.

Pacemakers could be a serious problem – especially stepping through metal detectors at airports. But, if we have ubiquitous 5G technology everywhere –
what does this mean for people with pacemakers.

Satellites in geo-stationary orbit

So with antennas every hundred metres and 53,000 satellites in geo-stationary orbit beaming down at us continuously from space – there will be no escape?

Effects on the human body

This includes replacement metal body parts – It could re radiate radiation deeper into one’s body.

Mercury amalgam fillings – could leak.

HEARING AIDS problematic serious pain in the jaw when exposed to wireless technology.

Hence the precautionary principle has to be enacted in the meantime.

We are an experiment in a microwave oven – but actually we are now an experiment with the microwave oven door being left open.

5G is to going to supersede 3G and 4G – yet we are all going to be exposed by them all as they are all still going to be used.

The accumulative effect of what all these technologies have caused over the last 20 years has yet to be measured.

Also covered is the Schumann resonance and that of the earth at 7.83 hertz – but it has changed and now oscillates higher. This needs to be researched.

Claire talks about the difference between 4G and what 5G Phased Arrays are.

She describes a directional beam that is part of this technology

Listen to this …

That all the studies – 10,000 of them are being suppressed.

Closed In-House Research

The Telecom industry finances its own studies and in doing so they muddy the waters … and though there are 25,000 plus universities world wide –
there does not appear to be a University that is prepared to carry our ‘independent’ research. If an independent study of 5G on bees was conducted
and the research was unfavourable against this new technology – the University could very well lose its funding.

Just like the same play book as tobacco and asbestos, there is a war going on to hide the research on new products and technologies less they never get
to market.

The truthful scientists can’t get published – and can also lose their tenure or and even receive threats …

Note: there is a race to deploy this technology before the public become wise to the dangers – hence the hurry.

Club of Rome

In this interview we also hear about the Club of Rome that started in 1972. It comes under the microscope with its report Limits to Growth.

“The common enemy of humanity is man.

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would
fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.

The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

  • Club of Rome

That on a finite planet there are limits to growth especially in the extraction of natural resources and the resulting pollution, however we also hear
that the findings were used to skew the evidence to find a way to halt the massive increase in population. This is where social manipulation comes
in and brings us to the present day where population pressure is now being subtly manipulated. This also includes eugenics.

The Club of Rome subsequently founded two sibling organizations, the Club of Budapest and the Club of Madrid. The former is focused on social and cultural
aspects of their agenda, while the latter concentrates on the political aspects. All three of these ‘Clubs’ share many common members and hold joint
meetings and conferences.

Club of Madrid:

Ex NZ Prime Ministers – Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley are members.

Note that there is a push to: take power away from ‘local authorities’ and the people. This is part of the strategy to consolidate power. For example dissolve
all localise Councils and bring them under a larger umbrella organisation. E.g the ‘enforced’ formation of NZ’s largest super city – that of Auckland.

To tie this all in to a more coherent understanding – there is a push by these Clubs to ‘influence consensus reality’ – however it is not being done ‘openly
and transparently’.

That these organisations plus the United Nations have not come out and mentioned the ‘Precautionary Principle’ with regard to 5G is of concern to us all.

This means that we are being herded down a particular pathway – that is treating us to not being recognised as ‘souls’ in a human body – but more so, just
a collectivised mass of humanity that can be told what to do – without us ever being engaged in the process of co-creating and shaping our future and
the destiny of our children and grandchildren.

Finally Claire mentioned:

Is the Stop 5G Movement Being Hijacked?

George Soros is involved. Where ever he puts his money – there are major problems.

The only way through this is for us here in NZ is to build up locally and take our concerns and educate our local residents and Councils as to what is
happening. We have to organise locally.

“We need to do everything from a grassroots level.”

Note it is important that we do not align with as they have ‘another agenda running.’

This below is some information on the telecommunications situation in NZ about how 5G fits into the picture here.

First of all, to date the NZ government has ignored health concerns about 5G, seemingly preferring to take advice on health effects from a committee that
includes people with telco industry connections.

The Minister of Health and the Minister of Telecommunications refused an invitation to meet with Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski when he visited NZ late last

Unfortunately, the intransigence of key ministers in central government means that 5G is already operational in parts of NZ.

Vodafone has been able to launch 5G in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. It is using a 3.5 GHz band for this. 5G has been introduced
to parts of some of the smaller towns in the South Island by Spark. Spark is using a 2.6 GHz band for this and the towns are Alexandra, Westport, Clyde,
Twizel, Tekapo and Hokitika.

Other than these areas, most of New Zealand remains 5G-Free.

There is a test zone in the Viaduct Basin in downtown Auckland where Spark has been (and probably still is) testing a 27 GHz band. Other than this, to
the best of my knowledge, NZ does NOT have small cells producing this type of high frequency radiation.

A couple of smaller towns in the North Island have effectively fought off telco plans to build new cell phone towers and therefore helped to stymie telcos’
plans for 5G for their town. (They have done this with good community organisation and a lot of courage because in NZ, the regulations about cell phone
tower placement are massively biased in favour of telcos – not communities – if you want background information it is here:

In NZ we are facing a situation where telcos are generally pushing wireless communications in general, in addition to hyping 5G. Telcos are marketing wireless
home phone systems to unwary consumers. (See this link:
plus recently there have been a couple of reports about telcos refusing to connect customers to the copper system:

Telcos here are also marketing “fixed wireless” internet systems even in areas where good internet is available via copper or fibre. (See: )

The other issue that we are facing here in NZ is that in November 2018, the government passed legislation (the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework)
Amendment Bill) that means that access to the copper landline phone system is going to be phased out in many areas of NZ . Fibre has been installed,
largely at taxpayer expense in most NZ towns and cities (the roll out of fibre is ongoing). See this link for a summary of the campaign against the
Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment bill –

In practical terms, the passing of the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment bill means that in order to have a hard wired internet and
phone connection, most NZers will end up having fibre as their only option as most of the population lives in towns and cities. The 5G-Free NZ campaign
encourages the use of hardwired phone and internet systems. See this link for details:

In terms of space-based 5G, there was a “consultation” in 2018 organised by Radio Spectrum Management NZ (which is a business unit of the government’s
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and SpaceX indicated its interest in operating 5G in NZ in that consultation. See:

NZ also unfortunately has a rocket launching facility on the Mahia Peninsula (the closest city to Mahia is Gisborne) where satellites are being launched
including those with links to the US military/intelligence agencies.

NB: I do not have any information about whether the Mahia site is being used for 5G satellite launches but this is obviously a possibility and for obvious
reasons many NZers are not happy about the use of the site for launching military-linked payloads – especially given the huge grass-roots activism
in the 1980s that led to NZ being a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone…

I trust this gives you a useful overview of the NZ situation.

For information about the rallies throughout NZ on the 25 January 2020 – please go to: