Harald Kautz – Two Worlds

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host and attorney Dagmar Schoen have a deep and soulful conversation with Harald Kautz-Vella, a private researcher of the transhumanist agenda and whistleblower, about his view of the complexity of world events far beyond the Corona narrative. He provides insights into many personal experiences. In doing so, he combines and explains the different dimensions of reality consciousness with both scientific and energetic-spiritual aspects. Despite their supposed differences, they reveal themselves to be equally important in terms of their essence. Both sides are necessary to contribute to a holistic expansion of consciousness and the accompanying change towards a good, loving and compassionate world. Kautz-Vella leads us into the depths of the ‘rabbit hole’ and invites us to descend as far as it is possible for the interests of everyone.

Harald Kautz-Vella provides explanations about causalities between past, present and future and what the separation of timelines into two energetically different realities or worlds is all about. As a facilitator, he helps people gain understanding of individual and collective trauma. He believes that in this way the drama triangle of victim, perpetrator and rescuer can be broken, evaluations can be discarded and healing can be made possible on all levels. If we can recognize the gift of being human, of free will and feeling, and also as co-feeling beings, bring our own traumas as victims but also as perpetrators into an inner healing, we thereby heal not only ourselves, but also the outer world. Only then can peace come.

In this conversation it is vividly shown that people with different opinions, coming from different directions nevertheless find their way to the common goal – to a common denominator, which in its quintessence has positive effects for the greater whole. For this, having an appreciation for the level of knowledge of others and an absolute respect for the free will of every creature are sufficient to accept and exercise the individual tasks for which we have all come here. The time is ripe for positive changes and for a transformation that will be quite different from what malicious and misanthropic transhumanists have imagined.