I came across a few of my old posts from before and then in 2012…

I’ll start with a couple of requisites that most that have come so far will take as a given, and then expand on these with further insights.

1. We are non-physical beings in a physical world and we are eternal.

2. Reincarnation is a fact and we have all lived many lives.

3. In our “natural state” we are fully conscious, aware and all knowing, and fall into amnesia/suppression
of these facts due to genetic modification, when we incarnate. We are already the “Delta” types of Huxley’s Brave New World.

4. After death, the “shock” of sudden and complete enlightenment is overwhelming and many reincarnate again too soon, almost as a knee jerk reaction, without contemplation and a proper understanding of the situation.

5. Most humans contain genetically modified genes/DNA that inhibits consciousness and memories of previous lives.

6. Hallucinogens, LSD, Mushrooms, Marijuana temporarily reverse the effects of the genetic modification
and remove some of the suppression and this is the reason they are made illegal by those wanting to
keep this information from the rest of humanity.

7. The planet goes through mass extinction/disasters in a cyclical manor.

8. The ruling bloodlines bow only to their masters the Archons, while they prepare and work toward maintaining their existence and control through these cyclical events.

9. There is a chosen race of minions that hide amongst the Jews to do the Archon’s bidding. They sold out long ago for favor and the chance to play top slave.

10. Originally the only way to pass on this information to our future selves was with stone architecture (earthworks/stonework’s).

11. This time, the bloodlines have deep underground facilities and vaults.

12. There is a group of bloodlines that interbreed and these are descendants of the previous surviving rulers that keep the secret of cyclical destruction. These bloodlines are top level minions answering only to, and do the bidding of, their Archon masters.

13. Their Archon masters may leave the planet, but the human minions are not permitted to, and must see it out deep underground.

After each destructive cycle, just those “chosen” will continue on to create the next civilization built with suppressed technology from this civilization. Surface dwellers will be left to fend for themselves again for several generations when knowledge of this previous civilization is reduced to word of mouth and traditions. If any survive the radiation, poison water supplies and poison food, the ruling bloodlines will once again emerge to rebuild, posing as “Gods” or “Aliens” and re-establish their rule.


“They” are expecting destruction by microwave radiation. Aluminium in the atmosphere acting as a microwave shield. They have no concern for the planet or the effect of aluminium on the long term health of the slave humans that they believe will be wiped out in the coming catastrophe.

Chemtrails are an attempt to delay the effects while they continue as long as possible to exploit their slave humans and extract the planets resources. Deforestation, GMO, radiation, pollution will help kill off most of the slave humans should they survive the incoming catastrophe.

Fracking appears to be an attempt to fracture the earth’s crust to release pressure from the inside out cooking effect of the incoming microwave radiation.

They will retreat deep underground with their chipped and mindless minions and drones to wait it out for a few generations.

Those of us that like to think we are “on the case” are as equally handicapped as our  digitally and/or chemically, lobotomised friends or colleagues when it comes to taking control of future events. We too wait for the latest heinous act to make it into the popular consciousness and then we spread it, show outrage, cast aspersions and conspire to reveal the perpetrators.

Turning Point.
We all have success in creating our personal futures. Whether that appears as the mundane day to day acts of simply feeding ourselves or collecting material trinkets. We also cooperate with others that have a common goal so that we can share the results of our acts of creation.

Now let’s try that on a larger scale. Instead of reacting to the latest outrage, let us actively create what we would like our collective future to be.

I’ll offer some outcomes that I may like to create.

1. The planned false flag attack against the U.S.S. Enterprise is revealed and the Zionists caught before the act.
2. International outrage and wide condemnation and revelations of the Zionist crimes against humanity goes global.
3. The disbanding of Israel, the stolen land handed back to the Palestinians. Non Zionist Israelis are guests of the Palestinians.
4. Zionists everywhere rounded up along with their psychopath and sycophant cohorts and kept along side their bankster
buddies in the FEMA/internment camps and the like all over the world.
5. While we’re at it, we round up all the paedophile clergy, corrupt government ministers and place them in the camps too.
6. Absolute respect for individual Sovereignty is recognised globally and we move forward in mutual cooperation.

Just a few among infinitesimal possibilities.

Welcome to 2012.

You all know… that there is no “threat” from Iran and the sabre rattling by the US, UK, EU and Zionists is purely a ploy to promote fear among peoples of the world.  Iran is fully controlled and simply plays its part as instructed.  The aim of course is to reduce the worlds population by whatever means it takes.

Vaccines that cause sterilization and cancers, GM foods, pesticides, chemicals in processed food, water, clothing, radiation…  But you buggers aren’t dying fast enough, and in the end if you don’t hurry up and die or fall prey to the zombie police brutality and learn to comply while you’re waiting to die – of lab created pandemics, radiation poisoning, pharmaceutical lobotomies, they are going to have to throw nukes around and they really didn’t want to do
that – that wasn’t the plan at all.

The Zionists are getting desperate; they planned to have you all comatose with fear, disease and poverty by the end of 2011. Half of them want to nuke you now, and the other half are shitting their pants. You all know that elections are fake, you all know that you fight their wars to make them profit.  You all know that all the governments of the world have been corrupted.  You all know about the false flag attacks. You all know.

You are now awake. Some may still believe that governments were for the benefit of the people. – don’t laugh – you really did used to think that.  You all know – this is the time you have been waiting for.

Welcome to 2012