You Know Nothing

Eric Dubay

Life is apt likened to a large ship sailing on a vast ocean. There are no shores in sight, no sails, no paddles, rudders, captain or steering wheel. The ship is home to everyone, but not a single person on-board knows who built the ship, where it came from or where it’s going. Nobody even knows how they got on-board in the first place. Everyone simply shares the same story of waking up one day and here they were… Get Connected with and Help Support Eric: Website: Books: Patreon: Blog: Forum: Facebook: Instagram: Gettr: SoundCloud: Mewe: Minds: Gab: Goodreads: YouTube: Odysee: BitChute:… Real Truthseekers:… Rokfin: Rumble: Dollar Vigilante:… Audible:… Telegram: Email: