Field Guide for Fighting with Politicians

Introduction to Grappling

clif high

Politicians have no personal power. They rely completely on warping the Power of the People to their evil ends.

To successfully fight politicians, it is necessary to recognize you will be facing weaponized public power. At first blush, this is bad as the politician appears formidable, however, their source of power is also vulnerable to your attacks.

You are powerful because the Founders of these States United on the American Continent gave you a weapon, Law, and unrestricted access to it.

It is so powerful, that politicians seek to blind you to it. They use it against you, but greatly fear your use of it against them. This is because you have an advantage given you by very smart people; you get to sue on your own. It is called, acting Pro Se. Acting For Self.

The politician has to use lawyers to defend themselves.

You may think this is a disadvantage to you. However, the Founders and authors of your Constitution recognized that Law was an asymmetric battle and so provided every edge they could for you. The first among these is your ability to sue the government and its minions with very little costs.

The second edge on your legal knife is that the government is a corporation and must, by statute, be defended by paid lawyers. Well paid, continuously billing, and not afraid to ask for more lawyers for more billing for more costs in defending the politicians, these lawyers are required, by statute. Even as employees of the State, these lawyers are a large, milling, not very disciplined group of minions who mainly, as demonstrated by history, are only effective by happenstance.

Research it. Pro Se appellants win their cases (when in adjudication) more than 62% of the time in initial appearances. Yes, the State and Politicians will appeal your win, but that is something to be sought, in my opinion.

The USA courts system is set up to aid Pro Se appellants. They will actually help you get the words right to sue. The Court will aid you with procedure, but you have to do the thinking. Our Court’s system is set up such that they can’t adjudicate (judge) badly formed cases, and to deny you your justice based on their procedure. In fact, if they do so, you can sue them. And, they will even help you get the words right in that suit. The system cannot deny you over unwilling ignorance of their procedures. If you are attempting to work the system in good faith, they are obligated to help you, even if you are suing them.

This is good, as mostly Politicians and their minions don’t think, so there will be lots of mistakes on their part. While the system is obligated to aid you with such mistakes, it is set up to penalize them for the same situations. Count on it. As soon as you make a case against a Politician, you are fighting with a group. This works for you, as their collective intelligence goes down with each new participant on their side. The more State’s attorneys you can get involved in fighting you, the more errors will be committed, and thus the greater the certainty you will win.

Remember that Court’s Procedures, are a weapon, use your opponent’s failure to adhere to your gain. Point out to the Court where your opponents are fucking up.

This is what will be done in my case against fucktard politicians in my state of Washington. My case is being brought soon against the fucktard named Inslee acting illegally as Governor of the State. The use of ‘illegally’ is pertinent as my approach will bring up his self admitted status as a member and agent of a foreign corporation whose sole purpose is the overthrow of lawful governments around the planet. This organization calls itself the World Economic Forum. It is a privately created criminal organization, as will be established in my actions against Gov. Inslee et al. This will be one of the elements used in pressing RICO against “Governor” Inslee and his fellow WEF gang members.

Though the RICO claims presented in my case will be civil, there is still potential, following with my great victory over Inslee et al, that a criminal prosecution may be undertaken based on adjudication of the evidence presented in the civil action.

This Field Guide will report on, first, my development of the strategy, and tactics for the pursuit of my claims against “Governor” Inslee et al, then the filing, noting procedure as it is appropriate, and then finally, on the actually Proceedings, and events as they occur within the developing case. Check back for reports, or subscribe to get notifications.

This will be getting a bit wild. It will be demonstrated in my filings that Inslee et al, acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents, have illegally closed down Washington State for essentially 15/fifteen months.

They also did it very badly.

So, my developing approach is to start with these points of vulnerability that present themselves. Note that this is part of my process, that is, the accumulation of elements into sets before organizing into tactics with the strategy & sub strategies to be employed.

The points of vulnerability that have been identified, so far in my process of self education, include some interesting ones. It turns out that it was illegal for the State to issue edicts and deprive me of access to Tidelands, as well as to launch my vessels. This action abrogates Federal jurisdiction under the Constitutional Law of the Sea (CLOS). This presents the opportunity to have an action brought in State Superior Court that would also involve Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction. This is strategically advantageous.

Note that statements made to be taken as fact herein (this document) will, and must be, proven in Court to become evidence. Just the way it works in Law fighting.

As my education in Law develops, there will be more of these Field Guides chapters written. Check back.

Remember that if you are going to fight with politicians, you will be spending time grappling in shit filled pens with swine. Once you win, you can leave, shower, and be done with it. The swine have to live in there.

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