Field Guide for Fighting with Politicians. Chapter 1: Rubigo non dormit

clif high

The WEF, that is, the World Economic Forum, the criminal gang that was formed by one Klaus Schwab, with the intent of moving all of global humanity under the control of the WEF, used the covid ‘pandemic’ as a tool in this plot to usurp your rights to life.

The WEF calls their plot the ‘Great Reset’. This is language that means they own everything and you learn to recognize that you are their slave.

Members of the WEF are placed in governments globally by that organization over many years. They were sneaky about it. They put a bunch of their goons in our government here in WA state. One of them got the governorship. Hint there: the ‘ship’ part is important.

They think that no one would notice their sneak actions. They think they are in control, so they get lazy, and sloppy. Plus they are merely clever and manipulative, not smart. So they make lots of mistakes.

Now is the time of fighting back. Now is the Great Awakening in response from Universe to the Great Rest.

The way to fight back is to use OUR laws and rules against them. Our laws and rules are called the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), or WAC (Washington Administrative Code). They are on-line. Find them & learn them. There is real treasure there.

Who has standing to ask if these laws have been followed?

Any lawful resident of the state.

You have ‘standing’ to ask if laws have been followed. The word ‘standing’ is herein being used to invoke the legal meaning. You find these legal meanings in Blacks Law Dictionary. Bookmark it.

Law is old. Much of it goes back to the Latin language. Be prepared for this. Black’s Law Dictionary will explain the latin meaning in a legal context. Latin is what makes Law a based activity. Once you know the legal meaning of the latin phrase, use it. A very good weapon that will confuse your enemies’ minions.

Request a copy of all filings between hospitals & various drug companies. All you are doing is asking. No harm in just seeing. Plus it makes politicians really fucking paranoid for the lawful members of their society to be self educating & watching their actions in the minutia.

You request it from the Attorney General. If they don’t have it to show it to you, that means a crime has likely been committed.

D id WA State hospitals and Attorney General act in a lawful manner in the covid ‘crisis’?

Have they filed all the appropriate reports?

Remember that effective and successful Lawfare against politicians is all about finding out where they fucked up, all the while knowing that they did so because they were acting in unlawful ways.

Bruce Lee’s famous quote about ‘water’ are trying to convey the idea of being adaptable to circumstances. In the case of Law Fighting, you don’t want to ‘be water’, you actually want to ‘be rust, my friends, be rust’.

Why, well, Rubigo non dormit. Rust never sleeps and Rust hollows out your machine by starting on the hidden points of most vulnerability. By the time it is visible, too late for them.

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