THE SERIOUS CRIMES OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL MAFIA! 💥😡💥 “Agent Orange was manufactured and supplied by, among others, the US companies Dow Chemical and Mobay, a joint venture of Monsanto and Bayer AG. Due to the huge demand, there were delivery problems. Intermediaries were also supplied by the German company Boehringer Ingelheim and the Czechoslovakian company Spolana. According to a 1991 article in the news magazine Der Spiegel, Boehringer Ingelheim supplied 720 tons of trichlorophenolate bleach to Dow Chemical in 1967. The use of Agent Orange peaked in 1967 and 1968. “

Thalidomide was a drug quickly approved and introduced in 1957 by criminals in the pharmaceutical industry, to counteract something as mild as nausea and insomnia in pregnant women. It was marketed in more than 50 countries and produced huge profits, before being withdrawn between 1961-62 due to terrible malformations in newborns. Specifically, it produced the lack of development in upper and lower limbs (arms and legs), of thousands of children! DO NOT FORGET!!!

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