The Tyrant

Germany has turned into a dictatorship under the rule of
Angela Merkel and is part of a worldwide despotic system.
by Ullrich Mies
Photo: NoyanYalcin/
Until the end of February 2020, the author thought he had an inkling of how
viciously the centres of power operate. However, his imagination was shattered by reality. Transnational capitalist class and power elite, oligarchs and plutocrats and their satraps in governments are capable of far more than any “conspiracy theorist” can dream up. Together they are the enemies of humanity. Conspiracy theorists are absolute bunglers compared to what the rulers worldwide are responsible for in terms of crimes, terrorist actions, intelligence operations, wars, regime changes and plots of all kinds. No conspiracy theorist could have imagined what is currently happening before our eyes: The ruling cliques are dismantling our societies and states, unleashing a global tyranny without precedent in human history. Civilisational achievements such as enlightenment, freedom and human
dignity are being driven completely against the wall. Peace within and between societies is on a knife’s edge.

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