Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & Ferguson Stand Accused of Pandemic Fraud

by Michael O’Bernicia

After yet more damning evidence arose last week, further additions had to be made to the court papers, which we are now aiming to lay in the coming week. The four defendants will be Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson, each of whom has inextricable and ultimately incriminating connections with Bill Gates and Big Pharma.
As well as three counts of fraud by false representation and seven counts of fraud by non-disclosure, under sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, we can now also prove that the entire worldwide scamdemic originated on these shores.
In fact, we can show that, without the dishonest statements and non-disclosures of the four defendants we are initially proceeding against, COVID-1984 would not have transpired.

Fraud Unravels All, Including Parliamentary Privilege

Furthermore, the 1st defendant, Matt Hancock, cannot rely upon the defence of Parliamentary Privilege, on the ground that none of the evidence relied upon by the prosecution is capable of preventing parliamentarians from carrying out their lawful business in Parliament.
The motive for conspiring to commit the heinous crimes alleged was paradoxically simple, despite the complexity of the deceptions perpetrated – the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake, as per the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of ‘immunising’ the entire world population.

Jury Analogy

Just imagine, if you will, a man charged with poisoning people to death with lethal pharmaceuticals being tried before a jury rigged with people who have direct links to the companies who researched, developed, manufactured and distributed the poisons which killed the alleged victims.
The prosecution barrister would no doubt successfully apply for a mistrial, on the ground that the jurors were prejudiced by blatant conflicts of interest, which would more than hamper the delivery of a just decision, upon the evidence.
Now transpose those circumstances to COVID-1984, change the defendant to ‘vaccine’ and change the jury for the secretary of state for the DHSC, the chief medical officer, the chief scientific officer and the WHO’s senior advisor on ‘pandemic’ identification and response, and you will begin to comprehend how Big Pharma hijacked government policy, for the sole purpose of maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake, whatever the cost.

Accessories To Criminal Fraud

Furthermore, evidence has also arisen which demonstrates that Facebook and Google met with the UK Government and agreed to censor any content which exposes this nefarious agenda.

Which naturally means the individuals concerned are complicit in the conspiracy to commit the criminal frauds alleged in the PCP, as well as being jointly and severally liable for the consequences of them.
Given that Facebook deleted my last PCP Update and banned me from posting for 24 hours, then went on to do the same for simply sharing my own blog posts on the TGBMS page, we will hold those actions as evidence of conspiracy to commit fraud, along with any other similar acts of censorship which precede and follow this public notice.

Ever-Growing Support

However, before I end this brief dispatch from the frozen north, once again I must pay tribute to the tens of thousands of people who have never wavered in supporting this endeavour, since the moment you knew of its existence.
Take heart that our ever-growing number is about to explode exponentially, when the details of the utterly compelling prima facie evidence we have amassed become public knowledge.

Deja Vu

For those of you who have been following my work for a decade or more, this moment of sudden widespread realisation will be akin to the moment people heard, in the summer of 2014, that a certain stubborn Geordie recalcitrant, against all the might of the rigged system, proved mortgage fraud in the high court and had a fraudulent mortgage cancelled by the Land Registry.
Until that happened, even most of those who supported my work at the time never believed it would actually happen, until it did.

From my own perspective, this stage of the PCP feels identical in nature, but I have absolutely no problem with the doubts, skepticism and nihilism of others, which can easily cloud the mind at terrifying, tumultuous and tyrannical times such as these.

PCP Promise

Nevertheless, I can promise that, even if it doesn’t happen as soon as we would all prefer, this Private Criminal Prosecution against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson will be laid, with enough prima facie evidence to nail guilty verdicts, ten times over, as soon as the papers and evidence bundle are ready to lay. Read More in Critical Thinking

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