Common Law, Law of The Land truly holds all the space we require in order to all collectively finally step outside of unlawful government control, ownership and jurisdiction.

This document has the ability via the use of language and preemptive initiative to help you properly secure your own jurisdiction within any case just so long as you have not caused harm loss or injury towards another induvial.

Now that we have these documents we would like you to send them to as many people as you can insuring that you have put all relevant men and women on notice for any transgressions that they may trespass against you or your family.

In the two word documents links below which contain the Notice Liabilities you can change the fines amount and currency in the Notice Liability which can be applied to secure jurisdiction over your body as well as all other property that belongs to you.

Finally this is a massive smoking gun that will really help us take leaps and strides going forward as the process of establishing ones own jurisdiction has just become so much easier.

We recommend making a databased of individuals in various positions of power whether it be police, bi-law officers, government, shopping centers as well as all other private corporations.

The point of all of this is to hold people accountable on a human capacity making it impossible for people to hide behind legal corporate policies.

As it stands right now war crimes are continuing to be committed against humanity and now truly is the only time where we are truly required to stand up and step within our own jurisdiction in order to lawfully hold all those accountable for the perpetual mass scaled fraud and modernized slavery that is being trespassed against all of us.

Notice Liability if Police Are Involved

Home or Business Notice Liability

If you would like to continue to support all the work we do then you can please contribute towards myself and Christopher.

If you would like to support me Jesse and the continued application development that is geared towards the regional consolidation of people that would all be given the tools to acquire their freedom and independence but also create the tools that can all help us easily and collectively manage it going forward as we redesign a new world where everyone continuously has the ability to exercise their choice as well as their voice.

All while we start and continue to hold people accountable.

Download Both Documents Here

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