Merry Christmas: Messages of support and solidarity. Responses to Alison’s Open Letter to her band leader.

Last month we published an open letter from musician Alison Blunt to her band leader, concerning the Covid “pandemic”, vaccine mandates and the all-out assault on human rights going on across most of the globe.
The letter was a big hit, and Alison received amazing amounts of positive feedback and messages of solidarity, this Christmas Eve we thought we would share some, to bring some positivity to the season and remind all of us that we’re not in this alone, no matter how much it may feel like it.


Letter posted here…


Hi Alison, my name is ____, and I loved your open letter on Off Guardian. I’m a performer/designer/general creative person and am co-artistic director of an award-winning theatre company that hasn’t performed since February 2020 because of the restrictions and mandates, and our views on them.

Reading your piece reminded me that I am not alone, and I am sure there are many more of us out there.

I am trying to create a community of Awake artists/performers etc. At the moment I have a very small facebook group (not the ideal platform but wasn’t sure where to start!) but I would love to connect creatives all over the world. I thought I’d get in contact with you to see if you’d be interested in helping me get the word out there, maybe suggest a better platform (I would like to start a Telegram channel ideally but am open to other suggestions!) and just to connect with you in general, as another awake performer.

I believe that if all the awake artists in the world have a place to connect, more doors will open where they have been closing so frequently for the last year and a half.

All the best

– K, United Kingdom


Hi Alison, I read your letter on Off Guardian today and want to commend you on standing up! Fair play, I look forward to listening to your music.

– T, United Kingdom


These my words are at the same time some indirect reflections on Alison’s very pointed and informed bandleader letter – just had the luck to read as well as a poetic outburst gushing out from my own disgusted depth regarding the tyrannical times we all still are going through – and what was meant to be the liner notes to my forthcoming solo album – but in the end weren’t….

Its a nightmare, clear as day.

”Utopia in Power” finally and eventually. The western equivalent to Homo sovieticus – Homo sovieticus 2.0 – is on a world rise. And why not, the notion was originally thought of as ” a new and higher type of Homo sapiens – a new biological specimen”.

By sheer negligence and by a conditioned unwillingness to acknowledge anything outside our pool of well packaged information we now rule the world.

As a ”Global Democratic Peace”- product, socially fragmented and bearing the AAA – Adjustable, Alienated/Apologetic, Aggressive – hall – and trademark.) This time finally we are also all equal in front of this sweeping coercion procedure putting all our past in a locked deposit.

And is this the fourth industrial revolution the first revolution in world history that suspends and/or postpones its blood letting – or makes it disappear behind the sun?

At last ”a change to believe in”? But at the same time we shall be obliterated, our services being less and less in demand for – Its like all our past life with all its memories finds itself to be locked up in that deposit of an everlasting “temporality” – and for sure a deposit you are not authorised to unlock yourself due to ”temporary restrictions on time travel”.

We are led to believe that both all our previous life but also our future existence is now in a state of limbo, thrown into a deprivation of liberty situation – by letting this still evolving absurd control dogma continue to dictate our life.

But we are this dogma. The dogma is us. And our unborn children? What will they think? Or will the process we are going through right now abort most of their true thinking abilities? Or – will they not loose their ability to reflect and revise completely – and in a not too far future – make all of us complicit in this enhanced crisis being allowed to continue – not being stopped in time?

Are we trapped in the corridors of the Bio-Security complex – ”unable to act or move or even think outside it” – and will we therefore also gradually loose our will to having an unrestrained existence? And will we mercilessly hunt down those who still insist upon it? Our unborn children as hunters? Or prey? Or both?

Or were we just heavily preconditioned not to properly react? Not to withstand the hypnosis created non-stop by the media – were we preconditioned to sink into this fearfulness, to sink into this unreflective coma?

Is it then the sign of the global bio-security party harsh and gently ruling? A metaphysical ruling moulded by a real one? Or vice versa.

Follow the party-line. Don’t deviate. And all will be fine and ruthless. And endless. Verbal voodooism.

– M, Sweden


I can only thank Alison for her open letter and agree with her on every point. She has shown integrity and courage and an awake mind, and that is exactly what is needed in times like these.

It is very sobering to see how fellow musicians, in anticipatory obedience to the government, introduce so-called 2G rules within their ensembles that require unnecessary and potentially harmful medical treatment in order to be allowed to continue playing.

They invoke “solidarity” and “science”, yet confuse these with the exact opposite – because governments and the media have fed it to them.

There may be many reasons why this is accepted by so many, and some of the fellow musicians are certainly beyond help in their unconditional obedience to the authorities, but to those who recognise this “pandemic” for what it is, namely the smokescreen, which helps the transformation of our global capitalist system to leap and disguises it as a health emergency, a neoliberal restructuring of the economy, politics and society, which is not in the interest of society and the planet, I can only appeal: DO NOT COMPLY!

I consider it one of the highest imperatives for living together in a society that one is aware of one’s boundaries, defines them and protects them, just as one respects the boundaries of others.

In that case, it is urgent to put a stop to the state and its followers when they become encroaching. In the words of a well-known therapist, “Where are your fucking standards?!”

I am sure we have the means to create a better system. However, the actors of our destructive old system are the very last people we should entrust with this task. SDGs and 4IR are not the solution to a better world but apparently the greatest obstacle. But perhaps, through massive – peaceful – civil disobedience, the catastrophe will also become a catalyst for change towards more democracy, which we ourselves will bring about from below.

– S


Dear Alison,

Thank you for your excellent letter ‘to the good German inside of you’

My husband ———- and I founded the ensemble ————- and toured the world for 40 years. Our son is a violinist in Vienna, our daughter a singer in Germany, both struggling to fight for their rights for freedom and choice to say NO to this criminal regime.

I just sent an open letter to the Austrian chancellor telling him in no uncertain terms that with his vaccination mandate he has become a criminal, who will face justice at a Nuremberg Trial 2.0.

In case you are interested and want to send it on to anyone who might be interested here it is. I certainly will forward your letter to many people.

Best wishes and keep fighting!

– I


valiente Alison por negarte a ser vacunada so pretexto de poder or de gira. sabemos que ya tienen mucho terreno ganado pprque el mundo y los borregos se los han permitido y tratarán de apretar más la situación hasta conseguir más inoculados, pero mientras alla, personas.como tu y como yo, sabidas de la realidad, podremos tener esperanzas de que la mentira caerá. Mi apoyo y un abrazo cariñoso aún sin conocerte, mi admiración por tu coraje y entereza.

– E, Italy


I would like to expose some esoteric concepts and providing some gnostic info for comparing in what’s going on nowadays. So here we go.

According to the Hindu mystical tradition and other ancient wisdoms, there’re four eras that cyclically the mankind goes through, these are: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron.

The latter Iron is the heaviest. Here the density is heavy. The most vulgar materialism domines here and the most dormant consciousness is in. Lies reign. economical disfunctions, selfishness, deception, perversion, etc.

This era is called Kali Yuga or the dark era. The final time. The age when human consciousness or Dharma, means as a collective body, reaches is lowest point, in which the spiritual dimension is very low in the society.

So then, when the bottom has been reached, the entropy due to interaction between the Planet and consciousness generates a sort of revolution, a kind of destruction of the old schemes or more appropriate a reset’ (thats the real meaning of great reset. Not the fake one replaced by the elite) that going completing the cycle and returning to the first age, the Golden age and so on.

From here it turns into new world, within an ethereal and enlightned dimension.

In which the consciousness is right connected to the source. Where the mind is directly links to the creative willing of the heart. The love of wisdom. Peace and abundance. Litterally the heaven on earth. More or less each phase has a duration of about 5,000 years. Although this duration has several interpretations.

Why does this occur? Because the Dharma, the human consciousness, makes a complete lap in which it must across all the experiences.

In the period of Kali Yuga the pressure is heavy. The dense conscience has facing with so many uglyness and distortions due above all to the great forgetfulness, therefore the fear of death is dominant and lack of connection that the souls have in this period.

As you can guess we are in this phase, even at the end of the era (which can take still quite a while) what occuring now is exactly that. The nightmare that’s ongoing is due to the strong friction that the collective consciousness is undergoing.

And here the Archons come in to play. Who are the Archons? In the Pistis Sophia (Coptic Gnostic text) they are described as the controlling demiurges, those that create the veil of illusion and suffering. Whose that create the low-density conditions through the fearness, but in which the consciousness of the human being has to be awaken.

Therefore the Archons, are also considered (from the gnostic and other spiritual disciplines) as divine instrument. Im not saying they’re fine. They’re terribly èvil and wanting to blend and submit the mankind. But at meantime are necessary for pushing the awakening of consciousness to take place, goes beyond the veil of materialism, of illusion, injustice and suffering, and completing the cycle. since all this goes further the concept of good and evil, the destruction of dense matter is the solution for re-established freedom and awareness and this can occur through dramatic and suffering events, (Kali, godness of destruction, rapresented that.

Death and rebirth, radical change) so the consciousness be awaken and return to a new golden age. Therefore whatever we are experiencing especially nowadays even if it seems insane and criminal (that’s actually so but facing the issue on another level as written above goes beyond good and evil) is actually necessary and somehow sacred.

The Archons embodied by the elites who rule the world, must do this, creating a distopic reality. They have to push (unawarenessly) us to the limit of endurance so that the mankind can awaken, dissolve the great density that grips the consciousness and return to the golden age. This mythical time is coveted and wished by every ancient wisdom present on planet earth.

For this reason, in spite of planetary awakening, many, so called in the Buddism, Bodhisattvas, who are, souls of service, are incarnated on Earth for trying to accelerate the process of extinction and dissolution of the very dense matter that the collective consciousness has accumulated over the millennia of the cycle.

The dissidents and the resisters who are standing up against the current insanity (the biggest hoax of mankind’s history) are the Bodhisattvas, who came to earth at this timeline precisely to help this awakening and shifting the Humans (at least whose ready to be awake. The critical mass) to the golden age.

The awakening process is already occuring. But as time is cyclic, there’s no clear perception of this. We are in the middle of the process. The Archons know that and what’s going on in spite of the awakening. That’s why they want doing fast.

But They have no conscience, they have no soul. So they think going to realize their agenda anyway. But the divine plan goes beyond and in any case they won’t succeed. Only we have to get by on our own, since awakening is in the arbitrary field.

That’s why it can take 2 years like 100 and more people awaken, shorter would occur the shifting. We have realize we living in a matrix. The Elite-Archons are going to set the worst nightmare, that It couldn’t ever imagine. Literally the hell on the heart. That’s their goal.

But the powerful of global consciousness and divine light won’t allow that. The end of the Archons-elite is unavoidable, they’ll going to lose. And the world, instead, will become a wonderful place.

And what we are experiencing now will be just a horrible memory not to be repeated again and in which we all (more likely our descendants) can learn from.

– D, Germany



I read your open letter. There is much to admire in your stance. I wish more people had such conviction.

– K


Hi Alison,

I just wanted to drop you a short note to express my gratitude to you for the above-mentioned letter and for your highly principled stance against the covid tyranny.  As another person who saw through this psychological operation from the very beginning,  I  must say your letter was one of the most concise and thorough representations of what humanity is currently facing.  I hope you make progress with the bandleader and thanks again for your courage and your willingness to speak out against these crimes.

Best of luck to you!

– D


Dear Alison,

I don’t think we’ve ever met but I know [mutual friend] and am a fellow musician and composer.

I just read your brilliant letter via 21st Century Wire and wanted to congratulate and thank you from you bottom of my heart for speaking out in this way.

That’s all really, but it would be nice to have a chat or meet for a coffee one day.

Luckily I have a few friends (and made new ones) who I have connected with over this issue and gravitated towards as we watch in horror at events unfolding, but the majority of my liberal, talented,  educated friends bombard me with mainstream propaganda such as this inflammatory article a few days ago (4 of my friends sent it to me) and I try to get them to see that it this article is not about science but about whipping up mistrust and resentment.

But sometimes it feels like a losing battle!
Anyway, thanks again,
All my best,
– J


When I open the channel “off guardian” and I read your letter I said WOW! you write exactly what i think, think since long time, and all this plandemic come out  so fast and now are almost 2 years that we have to live like that bad.

Family members, friends, many disappear in the coordinate of my world. It’s so long time now with all those news and everyday changing stories, the world has changed and it was bad even before.

in Italy we are very few musicians, all the community of improvisers, maybe not all but mostly, are lost in the official narrative, it’s impossible to discuss, even to write a letter, it’s sad. it’s incredible.

Incredible period of time but we have a lot of demonstrations, every week end, in my town, every day in the afternoon there is a open talk in a small square, people start to wake up slowly, the narration by the mainstream media ti’s start to have holes, people want the truth.

I wanted to write you and I’m close to you!

– P


Dear Alison,

I just read your letter published on OffGuardian!

All my solidarity and esteem for the words you wrote, which I share 100%. I made the same choices as you.

A warm greeting,
– S


Hi Alison

I have worked in the music industry the whole of my adult life, firstly as a drummer and now as a manager and running a record label.

I wanted to thank you or writing the letter that was published in off guardian. It is astoundingly good and it resonated with me wholeheartedly. The last 18 months have been madness. From one week to the next everything cancelled and into lockdown, I started investigating cause I just didn’t believe what we were being told from MSM.

Suffice it to say, I am fooled up with all the facts and figures, but am lonely and frustrated.

Thankfully my business partner in diplomats is on board But my other Job (a label from inside the film business) it can be lonely and weird at times.

I wanted to connect with you and Would love to chat live on a zoom or even meet up depending on where you are.

My Mrs is triple jabbed – she is a psychologist in the NHS but we have managed to be respectful to each other and vowed that this would mever break us up. Though I am stressed about her Health now which I have definitely seen affected since she had her first jab. It’s all terrifying, surreal and yet also intriguing in terms of where and how this is all going to end up!

Sending blessings and massive thanks again for an amazing piece of writing.

Hope to connect on this and music.

– B


Hi Alison,

I hope you have been keeping well, and also that this email address is the current one.

That is a Mighty letter that you wrote to the “apolitical” bandleader in Off-Guardian, I’ve only just seen it now. I really think that it is very important to make the points that you made, especially since so many people are trying to go along to get along, and taking no responsibility for their compliance in this insane nonsense. And it was very important to get in on Off-G, to plant your flag out in the open. Very few will take a visible stance in times of crisis.

The number of people who are invested in the pandemic narrative is something I find really surprising since it is so blatantly complete nonsense. And as you state so well in the letter, this is a formula they have tried in the past, but this time they covered all the angles by co opting the regulatory bodies, the mainstream press and social media platforms.

I’m actually in Cape Town right now – I was trying work out dates to fly to London when this new variant scam caught me napping, so I probably won’t be there this side of the spring. Have you had any gigs of late? I managed to put together an improv gig in Sept, which was fun, but time to get hustling again. There is every chance that they’ll concoct another lockdown herein South Africa on the basis of this alleged variant, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I had to write after reading your letter.

Take care & hopefully catch up on stage at some point
– N


dear alison, thank you for your great article. the situation is getting very bad right now for all of us, so we need to stay strong and clear in our minds. thank you and best wishes.
– R


Well, let me join, we are not alone at least in this. Even though it sometimes feels like we are.

– S


Dear Alison,
Just read your ‘Open Letter to the Good German Inside of You’ and I agree with you 100%.

I wish you were not impossibly far away in the UK.  I wish we could perform together, your lovely music and my flexible freestyling moves interpreting and enhancing the sounds.

PLEASE feel free to call me to talk with an aware and lonely person who is NOT a brainwashed Cult of Covidiots member.
– A


Dear Alison,

Before I had even had a chance to check offG, I had your piece forwarded by [mutual friend]. It is beautifully considered and eloquently written.

Its heartfelt sincerity has prompted a very big response.

I will join with the person who said something like, “with your permission I will use this to send to my employer”.

In fact I have already gone ahead and forwarded it to _______ in Istanbul as part of my reply to an invitation to play there next year.

You have provided a template for all of us dissenters

Bravo, bravissimo!

– E


Personally I have found the whole lockdown thing very difficult…..although i had some success…musically..i was offered some work and accepted with a band i’d left.. they wanted me to have a covid test in case i made them ill by sleeping in the same room… the conversation never got as far as that i might have alternative accommodations of my own… total fear that i would give them covid… now i am working with them again so there has been a shift..i’m not holding any grudges against victims of this spell.. i have worked on my own a lot and smile at all the mask wearing fearful people… please keep it cash everybody whilst we can… i had an episode with the council/police where they tried to stop me… i reckon i could get some compensation from them now.. relating to the february lockdown.. energy is low but that is a possibility.. Alison’s letter spelt it out better than anything i could say but hey.. bravo. X

– D


Thank you so much for this letter, Alison! As a German me and many others are currently uniting in small groups in our cities and towns. We are a small minority in society, some fear to lose their jobs like I as a nurse do. But we will not comply, we resist and stand up against this corrupt system that is trying to control and suppress us. We are living in turbulent times and nobody knows when this will end. But what is certainly true that LOVE will always win, light is rising and the truth will shine through

– C


Dear Alison:
I just read your story about vaccination mandates and I’m really impressed.
So much so that I have republished the article on our network.

Here we are in a tremendous minority of people who have chosen to reject the jab. But we were also a minority, even more pronounced, the people who dedicated ourselves to improvising. So listening to your words has been really exciting for me.
A big hug from Spain Alison.

– P


I have recently read your letter answering an orchestra director (Open letter to the good German in you), and I must say that it is one of the most coherent things I’ve read coming from an artist of late. I totally agree with both the interpretation of the current situation and the importance of maintaining a coherent attitude as an artist.

I am a musician living in Spain, going through all the difficulties that are currently being thrown our way but struggling to continue to live my life coherently, not wearing masks, taking experimental drugs or accepting work that involves harming others (in any way). I work with improvisation and I’m currently involved in music education.

Keep up the energy, and lets hope that we will be able to meet one day under a less threatening ‘umbrella’.

– P


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  1. Hey Phil, you might wish to publicise this appeal:
    Urgent request for evidence to assist in criminal investigation

    Police have given us a drop box for all of our evidence. We need the most plausible evidence to drop in there. This can include any medical reports you come across, general, but important news and Video links. These need to be relevant to the issue of the V causing death. Please avoid sending me anything that is not credible for the police to seriously consider. Please share this message and send all information to
    speed is of the essence and we need to ‘have it all’ by no later than close of play 04.01.22. The earlier the better since the drop box for the evidence is now OPEN ! We have lots to add (it should be overwhelmingly enough), but we want to give this our best shot ! Any V injuries we need to include also, so please contact me about V injuries on
    Please help, God bless.

    Best Christmas presents EVER ? Police open criminal probe into U.K. vaccine rollout after medical dissenter’s legal challenge.

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