Mandatory Vaccinations | Comments From GPs

  • Exempting people can be tricky, and the system is really aiming for registered GP to be the one doing it. It has to be done logged in with Smart Card and it is “recorded activity” for the doctor. This is against a backdrop where the health secretary can now remove a doctor’s pension if they are deemed guilty of any crime (even if it is minor), and so GPs and others are scared of standing up.
  • However, one GP mentioned he had signed more than a dozen exemptions for people and there has been no negative feedback. The form’s tick boxes make it reasonable to accept what patient’s say (as is done for “insurance certificates ” for the DHSS etc).
  • Several GPs have been in touch to say they are available to sign PROMIC forms for bona fide cases, so people should insist on second (or third, forth…) opinions, as is their right.


  • A political strategy is likely to be more effective – encouraging everyone to write to their MP and to their preferred media outlet. Individual stories will be more persuasive than legalities or declarations of principle.
  • A group of lawyers has been assembled, and they are now processing around 1000 applicants for a ‘class action’. People can download, complete and return the questionnaire ASAP to be part of this (
  • A team led by Dr Same White is working to get the entire thing stopped, both via civil court action and by getting 3 police constituencies to investigating this as a criminal matter after they obtained a crime reference number with the Met. There is also a new referral to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Sam’s legal team are preparing letters which will soon be available to download for people to send to their employers (look out for these on telegram – iamdrsamwhite). It is suggested that employees attend their local police station and report the crime of blackmail. A definition of this is on Sam’s telegram page too.
  • Telegram groups are a good place for people to find support and others in the same position: is a good place to start
  • A pre-action letter will soon be submitted to the Secretary of State challenging the lawfulness of the regulations. Prospective claimants plan to issue judicial review proceedings in two weeks.
  • A legal challenge is being made by FTA law in Leeds, who are recruiting people to join their judicial review proceedings. Anyone interested should email
  • A group called jobsnotjabs are confident that the law does not allow for mandatory vaccination and are preparing a legal case to challenge it. People can download a form from their website to email to them: email:

Jobs Not Jabs (UK) – Proposed group action for healthcare
Our aim is to provide affordable group legal action to all who are impacted by the No Jab No Job and No Jab No Education policies.

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