‘The modelling has manipulated fear… it is pretty despicable’: Furious Tory MPs say No10’s use of SAGE projections is a ‘national scandal’ as they accuse ‘Professor Lockdown’ of seeking publicity for ‘hysterical forecasts’

  • Conservative Bob Seely called for a debate on scientific modelling during Covid 
  • Steve Baker accused modellers of bouncing No10 into lockdown restrictions  
  • MPs were told to calm down after the debate erupted into a shouting match


Furious MPs today slammed No10 for its ‘despicable’ reliance on ‘hysterical’ Covid forecasts which have repeatedly driven the nation into living under economically-crippling curbs. 

In a heated Westminster Hall discussion about coronavirus, Conservative Bob Seely called the use of modelling a ‘national scandal’. He argued the projections, peddled by SAGE, created a ‘climate of manipulated fear’. 

Echoing Winston Churchill’s famous wartime speech, Mr Seely said of the modelling: ‘Never before has so much harm been done to so many by so few.’

He also criticised SAGE epidemiologist Professor Ferguson for producing ‘doomsday scenarios’ throughout the pandemic.

The notorious epidemiologist’s first model warning of 510,000 deaths if nothing was done to curb the spread of the virus is widely credited with spooking Boris Johnson into announcing the first lockdown in March 2020…

Source… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10415373/Furious-MPs-told-calm-row-Government-modelling-Covid-pandemic.html

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