Project Looking Glass

Warning! Merging Timelines twisting your mind!

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The language describing the ‘Project Looking Glass’ concepts first came into public awareness in 1964 in an interview of George Van Tassel.

He invented Project Looking Glass here on earth from a formula supposedly given him by a Space Alien that landed at an airport he managed in the California desert.

If you listen to his language in this interview, you will hear every description of Project Looking Glass, only absent that name. George Van Tassel called his version, the Integratron. Even now, the machine he built in the desert sits there, not working.

There was never any functions produced by the Integratron, the supposed, the touted, Time Viewer. It did not work. It was bogus. The only real effect was the fame generated for George as a claimed contactee.

There were several attempts in the late 1970s, and 1980s, to bring the Integratron, the Time Viewer, aka Project Looking Glass, into the public, but none of these repeats of the idea gained traction. That is, until in the 1990s, with the appearance of Project Camelot, and Kerry Cassidy. Along with David Wilcock, Kerry pimped out a fellow using the name Dan Burisch. This ‘whistle-blower’ claimed to have had contact with a device for viewing the future via machinery and consciousness. The language that Dan Burisch used in the 1990s was lifted from the 1960s.

It was still bogus in the 1990s. Dan Burisch is not a PhD as he claimed, and he only worked as a janitor at the S4 base for a very brief time. This is his entire claim to ‘credentials’ in the Black Projects. Dan Burisch did not send the ET he labeled as J-Rod ‘back home’.

What Dan Burisch did do was to convince Kerry and David that he was legit, at least legit enough to pimp out for their own purposes. So they did, and they are/were good UFO & Woo pimps. In a series of interviews they spread the word of this amazing technology, and thus we now have the resurfacing of the “Project Looking Glass”. They also created a deeper history for it that did not include George Van Tassel. Listen to the interview. George invented the concept in the 1960s.

The current crop of Project Looking Glass pimps are claiming that ‘quantum computers’ run the whole operation. The words in this most recent description proffered by the Project Looking Glass people are betraying of the fact that the authors of this new internet sensation know exactly nothing about quantum computing technology. Seriously. They would likely not know a quantum computer if they hit it with their truck while distracted by scratching their fleas. These are very ignorant people pimping this new resurfacing of Project Looking Glass.

All of the claims of these Project Looking Glass people are lies. Completely bogus, not going to happen. Lots of their language betrays the same intent as we get from the ‘climate change freak-out’ agenda…going to the idea that humans are responsible & that we must change things. In the case of Looking Glass it is a ‘timeline’ that we must change. Quick! Everyone pick up the Timeline beneath their feet & move it over to there!

Most of the problems associated with such bogus memes as Project Looking Glass arise from the poor education prevalent in modern times about real Science & Technology. IMO the Khazarian Mafia is to blame with their take over of the schooling system these last 60 years. We have produced a couple of generations that are each less knowledgeable about science and technical subjects than their parents. The only exception is that these modern people know how to run apps. They can’t describe how an app is made, nor what composes it, nor how it is interacting with the hardware at any time in its processing, but they know which icon to touch to get the desired effect.

Much the same as the people behind Project Looking Glass. They are pushing your buttons. They are deliberately trying to disturb and distract you.

I wonder why, and for whom?

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